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Bigg Boss Season 1 Hindi tv-shows on SONY ENTERTAINMENT
Bigg Boss Season 1 is a prominent international reality show in India, based on the Netherland show, Big Brother which was previously developed by Endemol. John De Mol is the man behind this popular show; he was the one who developed Big Brother under his own production house, John De Mol Produkties.
The show’s concept is housemates (the contestants) need to live in a unique, exclusive and custom-built house that are isolated from the outside world or the world outside the house for 100 days. They are not allowed to talk or communicate with anyone except from the other contestants. Every week, each one of them will nominate two housemates for eviction and the housemates who got the highest votes needs to go through public voting; which means, the viewers will decide who to save or who would leave the house. But, there are also exceptions to this procedure as stated by the Bigg Boss. In the final week, three remaining housemates will also go through public voting and the housemates with the highest votes will be declared as the winner and will win a total of ₹1 Crore. In Bigg Boss, celebrities are primarily selected to be the housemates and one of them is a non-celebrity, which was chosen during the auditions. Also, the housemates will be ruled by an unseen mysterious person from which they called as the Bigg Boss; his presence will only be felt in the house though his voice.
The Bigg Boss house is constructed every season. The house from Seasons 1 to 4 is located at Lonavla, Pune in Maharashtra, India. The house in the fifth season was placed at ND Studios in Karjat. It is normally decorated and fully-furnished comprising of all types of modern facilities. It has one or two bedrooms with four toilets and bathrooms. The house has also a garden pool, gym and activity area, from which the housemates usually donned their tasks. They also have a Confession Room where they can talk to Bigg Boss and whenever they do the nomination process. The Bigg Boss house doesn’t have any means of communication to the outside world, including a television, Internet connection, telephone, clock, paper and pen.
The rules in the house were never told to the audiences, but they can be able to distinguish it as they watch the show. The housemates are also not allowed to speak in any other languages except for Hindi. They are also not allowed to break any electronic equipments or whatever they have inside the house. Any housemates are not permitted to leave the house premises except when they are allowed to by the Bigg Boss. They also cannot talk or discuss about the nomination nor sleep during daytime. Anyone who breaks the rules will have a punishment and if it’s more serious, they will promptly get evicted.
The first season of the show was broadcasted on Sony TV. The weekly eviction show happens every Friday and broadcasted on Colors TV. Whoever will be evicted during Fridays will be interviewed by the host the next day and Sunday contains extra footages that happens on the whole week.
Popular names like Arshad Warsi, Amitabh Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty and Sanjay Dutt became the hosts of the show on their respective seasons. Salman Khan became a regular host as he anchored the show’s seasons 4, 6, 7 and 8. Farah Khan is expected to host this year’s season.

Another version of the Serial...

Bigg Boss is a reality show broadcast in India. The show starts with number of contestants from different backgrounds. As the show progresses participants are eliminated slowly, and the person whoever gets to stay till the last will be the winner of the season. All the contestants are supposed to live in a house which is completely away from all the things like TV, the internet, and other things. All the people are completely severed off from the outside world. They do not have a clock or even a mobile. They have a room wherein the contestants are called by the Bigg Boss to confess or for any discussions or for secretly nominating other people for elimination.

Every week all the participants in the house select or nominate two contestants for eviction. Of these two players the one whoever gets higher votes from the public gets to stay in the house, and the other one is eliminated from the house. The people in the house are selected such that there are people from a political background, old reality show contestants, Models, Singers, athlete, comedian, an actor from either films or television shows, celebrity, and a common man selected by auditioning different people from different places. All these people are in the house with indoor facilities for gym, pool, bedrooms and other things.

A person who can only be heard by the contestants watches over them through some secret cameras. There are a few rules in this show like all the persons are allowed only to speak in Hindi and not in any other language. They are not at liberty to leave the house at any time unless asked to leave. Tampering any electronic device in the house is strictly prohibited. Discussion of nomination is to be kept secret and cannot discuss elsewhere. Those whoever is not able to follow these rules and creating trouble in the house are immediately asked to leave by the host. All the daily happenings will be aired on TV the next day.

But there will be some extra footage of interviews of the nominated candidates by the host and some controversy scenes that happen in the house which are shown on weekends. The last person who stays in the house will get the prize money of 50 lakh to 1 crore. There are many controversies regarding this show related to the auditioning and selection of the non celebrity into the show. There will be a guest appearance of some other celebrities in a few episodes.

Another version of the Serial...

The first season of the popular reality show, Bigg Boss started on November 3, 2006 on Sony Entertainment Television and ended on January 26, 2007, where housemates completed a total of 86 days. The Indian version of Big Brother uses renowned celebrities as their housemates. Season 1 was hosted by actor, dancer and choreographer, Arshad Warsi. Bigg Brother Season 1 is based on the format of John De Mol’s Big Brother, where housemates or the contestants will live in a custom-made house that is isolated from the outside world. Every week, each housemate should nominate two of their contenders for eviction and the housemate who will get the highest number of votes will face the public voting. One of them will eventually leave or be evicted in the house. But there are also exceptions to this as stated by Bigg Boss. During the final week, the remaining three housemates will undergo public voting and whoever received the highest votes will be declared as the big winner.
Every week, a new task will be given to the housemates and they are allowed to gamble on the outcome of their weekly task. They will be rewarded with extra money to buy more supplies if they won. 
The following celebrities entered the house:
• Bollywood film actor, Rahul Roy of Aashiqui fame.
• Model and L’Oreal/Elite Look of the Year winner, Carol Gracias.
• Hindi film and television actor, Ravi Kishan.
• Politician, dancer and actress, Rakhi Sawant.
• British television actor, Amit Sadh.
• Television and theatre actress, Rupali Ganguly.
• Rapper and playback singer, Baba Sehgal.
• South Indian actress, Ragini Shetty.
• Film director and former actor, Deepak Tijori.
• Delhi actress, Anupama Verma.
• Indian model, Aryan Vaid.
• Model turned actress, Kashmira Shah.
• Model turned actor, Deepak Parashar.
• Trans woman Bollywood actress, Bobby Darling.
• Former cricketer, Salil Ashok Ankola.
• Pagal Piu.
Rahul Roy was declared as the Bigg Brother Season 1 big winner, while Carol Gracias and Ravi Kishan took the first and second runner-up place respectively.