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24 Season 1 is an Indian television series adapted from the American sitcom of the same name. The telecasting of this series began from 4 October 2013 and continued until 21 December 2013. A total of twenty-four episodes were telecasted for this show. Each episode was about an hour in duration. The Indian version was produced under the Ramesh Deo Productions and directed by 'Rensil Dsilva' and ‘Abhinay Deo’. 

The lead role in the story was played by ‘Anil Kapoor’. The plot was set against the backdrop of Mumbai and focused on the Anti-Terrorist Unit of the nation. ‘Shabana Azmi’ and ‘Anupam Kher’ appeared on the show in cameo performances. When Anil Kapoor was working as one of the main casts in the American series, he approached the producer of the show with the idea to buy the rights of the story to produce a series on it in India. India had been the only nation other than its home country, the United States of America to receive the rights of this series, to adapt the television show. A total amount of ten million rupees was signed for this deal which was made between the two production houses.

The story of this show flows from hour to hour. It begins exactly at 12 a.m. and ends at 12.a.m. the next day and hence the title twenty-four. As the story begins, Jai Singh (Anil Kapoor), the lead character, will be traveling to the Anti-Terrorist Unit’s headquarters because of an urgent briefing. In the meeting, some important information leads the team to believe that the upcoming Prime Minister of the nation, who is going to be sworn in the next day, is going to be assassinated. The following twenty-four hours from this point forms the tale of this series. At first, Jai’s family gets involved in this conspiracy and then an alias of the Anti-Terrorist Unit betrays Jai and kills a few agents.

At the end of the show, Jai accomplishes in finding out the assassins and prevent the to-be Prime Minister from dying. Eventually, after the Prime Minister’s rescue the main culprit behind this conspiracy is caught, who is none other than the upcoming Prime Minister’s sister. With the disclosure of this fact, the show wraps up, and Jai finally returns home to his wife and kids.

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