Hindi Tv Serial Stree Teri Kahaani

Stree Teri Kahaani Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Stree Teri Kahaani was a Doordarshan TV series. The TV series is made in the Hindi language for the Doordarshan viewers. The TV series was like a daily soap telecasted in the afternoon by the channel. Suneel Prasad has directed this TV series. The story of Stree Teri Kahaani revolves around four girls who are very close to each other. These four girls have gone to the same college and, come from the same batch. Now all four of them have finished their college and, strive towards fulfilling their dreams. The protagonist of the story is Radha. The name of the serial has been kept after the stories of these four women. The names of the four friends are Radha, Sanjana, Ritu and, Rubina. Radha is a mature girl who has her own likes and dislikes; she has a stubborn father too.

Sanjana is a chirpy, funny and relatable girl who lives her life to the fullest and has beautiful flaws. Ritu is a nice, mature, chirpy and, understanding girl. She lives alone in Mumbai. Rubina whereas is a girl who lives out of Mumbai and wants to accomplish her dreams. She also inspires her friends to fulfill their dreams. The story is about these four girls and their precious friendship. The story of the serial includes Radha who is in love with a guy named Karan. Her father doesn’t support their relationship which is why she has to leave her home after which she gets married to Karan. But her father plans and plots something against them. He plans Karan’s murder and, succeeds in the same.

After this he gets Radha married to his business friend’s son Ajay who is a good man, but Radha is unable to forget her first love. Ritu is in love with Karan, who lives outside Mumbai. Sanjana gets married to a guy named Vishal. Vishal marries Sanjana only for his good he tortures her, beats her, put blame on her and, completely lock her. However, one day she manages to run where she meets another guy who helps her get her divorce and, cares for her. Radha moves on and things start to get better with Ajay where Karan returns and it is being shown that he has been saved. Karan starts to create problems in Ajay’s and Radha’s life and story has further twists.

Meanwhile Devyani who works in Ajay’s office and Anu who is a relative of Ajay create problems in their lives. The show was all about the moments of happiness, sadness, struggles and love in a woman’s life. Above all the show celebrates the beauty of girl’s friendship. It also showed how women’s lives change after marriage and the effects on their friendship. The show was truly one of a kind. The audience enjoyed the show.