Hindi Tv Serial Potli Baba Ki

Potli Baba Ki Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

‘Potli Baba Ki’ is a Hindi serial hosted on the national television channel Doordarshan in the year 1991. It basically deals with Baba’s tales. To be precise, it is a series of children stories demonstrated through puppet shows. It was very popular during those times. Viewers found it easy to grasp and understand. The creators and doers used simple language to narrate. Sanjay Ghosh is the director of this series. Gulzar wrote the script. He is a Hindi- Urdu poet and lyricist. He composed the song for the show. It became viral during that time. Also, he co-directed the show. Children’s Film Society of India produced the series.

The editor and the camera man were Subhash Sehgal Subhash Sehgal is an Indian film director and edit >> Read More... and Soumendu Roy respectively. Kalyan Sen Barat Bio coming soon... >> Read More... created the music. Potli Baba Ki show is concerned with many fairy tales. It would leave moral messages to the children at the end of each story. In an interview, the team expressed that the main motto of this serial is to create a better society by focusing on the children. Today's children are tomorrow’s leaders. If we sow the seed of goodness in the kids and young people then, tomorrow’s society will become a better place to live in as the children will inculcate the morals shown in the serial. It also develops creative thinking in the children.

The team used a unique way to display their thoughts and ideas. They used the art of puppetry. The dolls were very attractive. The show was very pleasing to the eyes. It had a storyteller named Baba. The old storyteller named Chhenu Ki Jhunnu Ka Baba lived in Ghungar village. His job is to collect stories which his mother has hidden under the rocks. The specialty of Baba is that he grows young day by day. After he collects all the stories he will become a child. The show has two series divided into ten episodes.

The first ten episodes approach the story of Ali Baba and his forty thieves. The second series is about Alladin and the Magic Lamp. The children of the 90s extremely adored the series. This show would appear on Sunday mornings.