Hindi Tv Serial Patiala Babes


This is an Indian drama written by Rajita Sharma, and directed by Shashank Bharadwaj, and Faheim Sayed. The show airs on Sony Show, and is under Katha Kottage productions.

The leads of the show are Anirudh Dave, Ashnoor Kaur, and Paridhi Sharma. Babita (Paridhi Sharma), is a basic, and sensible lady who experiences considerable difficulties defeating self-question educated by long stretches of being in an abusive marriage, and her valiant little girl, Mini (Ashnoor Kaur), who doesn't dither to whip lustful men in her neighborhood, a young lady she urges her customary mother to understand her value, and satisfy her fantasies.

The story line additionally indicates how Babita figures out how to carry on with her life all alone terms with her girl when her narcissist spouse, Ashok Khurana (Bhanujeet Sudan), swindles her for being with his colleague, Meeta Basu (Hunar Hali), a pleasant, and independent lady.

Smaller than usual however solid, yet at the same time in her high school experiences pressure, and tension issue, can't take the everyday mental strike from the general public,, and furthermore from her moronic, useless, and narcissist father,, and furthermore can't see her mom being physically, and rationally struck by the general public.

Another Version Of Story Added :

Patiala Babes is an Indian drama television series starring Ashnoor Kaur, Paridhi Sharma and Anirudh Dave in the lead. It is premiered on 27 November 2018 on Sony TV. The show is aired every Monday to Friday. It is directed by Faheim Inamdar Sayed and Shashank Bharadwaj. The show revolves around the bond shared between an old school mother and a modern daughter. Based in Patiala, Babita (Paridhi Sharma), a woman in an oppressive marriage, is the mother of a daughter, Mini (Ashnoor Kaur). Mini is a fearless young girl who encourages her mother to fulfill her dreams. Her husband has been staying in London for 17 years and soon comes back. Babes takes care of her invalid in-laws and nagging sister-in-law.

The show focuses on how Babita learns to live her life on her terms with Mini when her husband, Ashok Khurana (Bhanujeet Sudan), cheats her for being with his business partner, Meeta Basu (Hunar Ali), a nice and self-sufficient woman. Babita and Mini leave the house, meeting Hanuman Singh (Anirudh Dave), their new landlord. Hanuman is a police inspector by profession. He becomes a great help to Babita, making her realize her worth and skills. Babita witnesses the toughest phase of her life where she decides to give divorce.

Mini shows maturity beyond her age and makes her understand divorce is not the end of the world; rather it is the beginning of good things to come. It gives a strong message, appealing women to come out of a marriage that is no more a beautiful one. Later in the show, Ashok misbehaves with Meeta also, which leads to Babita forgiving them. In a series of unfortunate events, Babita suggests Ashok to leave for London, and so he does. Meanwhile, Babita opens her catering services and named the shop as Patiala Babes. Hanuman starts having feelings for Babita. The show is dubbed in the Tamil version as Pavithra on Polimer TV.