Hindi Tv Serial Pani Jaisa Pyar

Pani Jaisa Pyar Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Pani Jaisa Pyar belonged to drama genre. It is originally a Pakistani show which used to come on Hum TV from 27 January 2011 to 19 May 2011. Sarmad Sultan Khoosat was the director of the show whereas Moomal Shunaid was the writer. It was created by Salma Kanwal, and Waqar Ali was the theme music composer of the show. The title song was sung by Abu Mohammad and Sanam Marvi. Momina Duraid produced the show. It had total 17 episodes. It later came on Zindagi TV from 9 June 2016.

The cast of the show included Mikaal Zulfiqar aka Adarsh, Saba Qamar aka Sana, Ahsan Khan aka Saad, JugganKazim aka Sasha, Babrik Shah aka Hassan, SaminaPeerzada aka Arfa, Samina Ahmad aka Nuzhat, Nausheen Shah aka Dua, Firdous Jamal aka Adarsh's father, Rizwan Ali aka Arham, and Sumbul aka Sasha's mother. Pani Jaisa Pyar is the story of a girl, Sana who is 25-years old and lives in Faisalabad. She is having two elder siblings, Dua and Hassan.

Her family used to have high status and was very rich until the death of her father. Now, the family is run by Hassan who had to leave his schooling very early to support his family. In childhood only, Sana was engaged to Adarsh who is the son of Arfa, her mother’s best friend but Adarsh doesn’t know anything about this engagement as his parents had thought to keep everything hidden so that he could focus more on education rather than wedding plans.

But Adarsh loves a childhood friend of his, Sasha and wants to marry her. However, when he tells the same to his parents, his parents deny telling him about his engagement and also warn him that if he doesn’t marry Sana, then he would have to leave the house. After much consideration, he agrees to marry Sana thinking that what he and Sasha would do after marriage without home and money. Hassan is friends with Saad who is also considered as a brother by Dua and Sana.

Saad is rich but doesn’t have any family, so he is normally at Hassan’s house. He continuously helps them like doing favors on his mother, helping them financially, giving Hassan a job, etc. Meanwhile, Arham is trying to pursue Dua. The problem arises in Sana's family when Hassan is arrested for fighting with neighborhood boys who were passing comments over Sana in which one gets stabbed himself whose blame is put on Hassan. In this time of crisis, Saad comes to their rescue and takes care of them.

Saad likes Sana but have never told anyone about this except Sana or did anything as Sana is engaged. Sana is uncomfortable due to his presence but his mother scared that Saad will stop helping them due to Sana's behavior, tells her to spend time with him as she thinks that Saad considers Sana as her sister only. One day, Saad takes Sana for a party using her mother as Sana had denied first to his house. Saad shows his room to Sana which has pictures of her all over and there he confesses his love for her.

He then does the most disgusting think by asking her for a night and when she tries to run, he rapes her. He then drops her to her house and threatens that if she would tell anyone then he would withdraw from the court case of Hassan to which she has to agree, but when Hassan comes back, she tells him everything tearfully as she could not hide it longer which makes Hassan angry. Then Saad is chased by him to the railway tracks where he chokes Saad and is again sent to jail. Nuzhat, Sana's mother, wants Sana and Adarsh to marry as soon as possible but without telling anything to them but Sana is against of this and tells Arfa everything even though she knows that the engagement would break by this truth.

Arfa, however, doesn’t break the marriage and decides to accept Sana as she is indebted to Nuzhat who had taken Dua, Arfa's daughter, in and had raised her as her own daughter only for Arfa to get remarried and have a pleasant life as she was divorced before. She lies to Sana that she had told Adarsh and that he is ready to accept her. Sana, unknown to all this, brings this topic in a conversation after her marriage with Adarsh as she wanted to express her gratitude to him that he accepted her, but Adarsh who didn’t know all this gets angry. He is also furious at his mother as she tricked him and starts thinking Sana's rape was done on her own will.

He starts treating Sana badly and also cheating her by restarting his and Sasha's relationship even becoming physical with her. Sana learns that she is pregnant, but Adarsh denies that the baby is his and says her to go for abortion, claiming it to be Sana's illegitimate child whom he doesn’t want to take care. Sana is devastated by all crimes and has not still come out of the shock of her mother’s death and brother's hanging. She doesn’t know what to do so tries to commit suicide by eating sleeping pills, but Adarsh and Arfa find her and save her before any harm is done by taking her to the hospital.

Adarsh tells his wish of divorcing Sana to his parents, but they refuse saying it is illegal to divorce a pregnant woman. Adarsh, in frustration, says that this rule can’t apply to him as the baby is not his which leaves his father outraged and tells Adarsh to leave from the house. Adarsh, before leaving, tells his father to ask Arfa about the truth. After that, Arfa tells everything to her husband who is devastated to hear the truth, especially regarding Dua.

Things start getting worse and finally, Adarsh beats up Sana resulting in her being hospitalized. As a result, he is kicked out of the house by his father. Later, Sana decides to return to Faisalabad along with Dua. Sana gives birth to a son two months later. A DNA report proves that baby is really of Adarsh, but Sana denies saying that the child is only hers. Arfa takes sweets to Sasha's house to celebrate the birth of her grandson but is shocked to see Adarsh's marriage going on with Sasha and leaves the house in tears.

Later, she shows the DNA report to Adarsh along with confessing everything but Adarsh is adamant on his decision to divorce Sana. However, Sasha leaves him after coming to know everything by Arfa. A leap of one year is shown after which Sana and her son are leaving with Dua and Arham who have got married. They all go to Arfa's house on occasion of Eid where Sana and Adarsh meets, and Adarsh pleads for forgiveness. Sana decides to forgive him, after thinking about the past year and that this would be good for her son. Sana along with her son start to live with him again.