Hindi Tv Serial Mini Superstars

Mini Superstars Hindi Tv serials on Metro gold

Mini Superstars was a reality television serial aired in the year 1999 on Metro Gold. When Metro Gold was closed down, it sold its whole library of shows to Star Plus, where they were re-aired from the beginning. The shows became the property of solely Star Plus, and nobody else could lay claim to any of the shows. Therefore, Mini Superstars was re-aired on Star Plus when it acquired the show.

The show was performed to a live audience, and it had a host who introduced the children and encouraged them. At the end of each episode, a judge/judges would determine who the best performer was and give them an award. Like most other reality television shows, this one was punctuated by comedy and moments of humour.

Mini Superstars was a talent show for children only. In the show, various children were called upon to showcase their talents, most notably singing. The show was one of the first of its kind, and it was a new concept in that time. It was a part of the primetime block of Doordarshan Metro i.e. the period between seven pm and ten pm every night. The serial was moderately popular in its time, but it did not spawn any of India’s major superstars.