Hindi Tv Serial Mahi Way

Mahi Way Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Mahi Way was a romantic Hindi comedy serial which premiered on 2 January 2010 on Sony TV and ended on 18 June 2010.It covered 25 episodes. Produced by Yash and Aditya Chopra and directed by Nupur Asthana. Cast: Pushtiie Shakti, Viraf Phiroz, Siddhant Karnick,Amrita Raichand, Sharon Prabhakar, Mark Farokh Parekh, Monica Khanna, Faezeh JalaliReema Ramchandani, Suparna MarwahIkhlaque Khan, Alka Pradhan, Kanika Dang, Aditya Pandey Pushtiie Shakti plays Mahi who is an overweight girl and because of which she has to face lot of challenges. Fun loving and highly creative! A small circle of family and friends and not so great job with a non-appreciating boss is what Mahi’s life is all about.

A hard core romantic at heart but at times arrogant and tough, Mahi is hopefully waiting outside with a bunch of red roses for her Prince Charming. Mahi Talwar who faces the challenges due to overweight has her aspects of work and life through a unique set of procedures, rules and phases which she refers to as 'Mahi Way' by interacting with her friends,  Afraid that she might just die a virgin, Mahi has her own world that she comfortably sinks in when she feels she not as picture perfect as her sister or slim and diet conscious as her friends.

She is positive and fun-loving, optimistic about her prince charming walking into her life. Mahi chooses an unusual way to deal with everything, from her crushes on a boy-next-door to the 'hottie' in the office premises, dealing with her "Kattar-punjabi" mom, being an agony aunt to all the people having problems in their love life to practically not having one of her own. Fun, sarcastic, imaginative, creative is the way she chooses to see life. Just call it "Mahi Way".  The show was great in its concept but unfortunately did not get the desired Television Rating Points and went off air.