Hindi Tv Serial Kuldeepak

Kuldeepak Hindi TV SERIALS on & Tv

&TV is very popular for its uniqueness in the types of shows it offers to the audience, be it Super-Villains v/s Super Cops, BHABHI JI GHAR PAR HAI, Badho Bahu, Queens Hai Hum, etc. The same channel brings you yet another show, different from the ordinary. Kuldeepak is one such delight on the channel which is a story of a small child named, Chirag. It is socio- thriller drama with an element of mystery and suspense.

Another protagonist of the fiction is Chirag’s mother Vidya who belongs to a tradition Gujarati family. The character showcases all traits that a woman requires to be the idol bahu in the Indian society. The story begins when Vidya is pregnant with her first child, and little does she knows that some evil force influences her unborn baby.

The unborn kid is mentioned as “SHAITAAN KA ANSH” in the trailer of the show itself to trig a sense of thrill and mystery among the audiences. When the show proceeds, Vidya is shown struggling to deliver birth a baby boy in a dense forest, wherein the associates of evil deliver her child under the guidance of the evil. The new-born when brought home has a dramatic entry with noises of animals coming out of nowhere.

The same is compared to the birth of DURYODHAN (the eldest son of Kaurwa in MahaBharat). The birth of the baby boy brings in much ominousness on the family. Vidya is accompanied by a Dai-Maa who, indeed, is an associate of the evil, when the baby boy is brought into the house. Unaware of all this, the family accepts the boy with their love and affection. Everything is same until Chirag turns four and the family priest visits the family. The guru seems to be a threat to Dai-Maa as he senses that the child has a strong influence of the evil upon him and points out Dai-Maa to be the reason for it. That’s when the family actually gets onto their feet to find out a solution for the same. Every time, the family would attempt to treat the problem, Dai-Maa, like any other sincere vamp, finds a way to spoil the efforts. Chirag’s father is shown as modern day man, who loves his family unconditionally. But is very specific on his views regarding the unquestionable faith of his family on the guru and the practices they adopt to get rid of the evil. He doesn’t agree with the priest and continues to treat his as he used to. He, unknowingly, supports the Dai-Maa’s intention, which makes her work simpler.

The show has got a great response as it landed on the TV sets and the makers are expecting a great TRP of same in the future run. The show is a bit “hat-ke” with a lot of twists and turns. It has an element of suspense of each episode that’s the reason it has got audiences glued to the TV sets. Further, the show is going to show the struggle Vidya is going to face to reveal the truth of the dark and save Chirag from the same.