Hindi Tv Serial Khunkhar

Khunkhar  Hindi TV SERIALS on LIFE OK

Khunkhar: SuperCops vs. Supervillains is an Indian television supernatural series telecasted on Life Ok.The show became a hit with audiences and has completed eight seasons. The show occupied the prime time slot on the channel and got telecasted on Saturday and Sunday at 9pm.The show was produced under the banner of Fireworks Productionsand directed by Mr.Akshay B.P. Singh. Initially, the first part of the series aired from January, 2012 till December, 2013.The story is about a group of Supercops who were assigned the duty to save their city from the wrath of dangerous villains and fictitious characters.

Supercops as the name suggests were well versed in having fierce battles with beasts and monsters using advanced machines and gadgets. They used their powers to defend the people of the city from the agony of these creatures. Originally the title of the show was ‘Shapath: Supercops vs.Supervillains’. Eventually, the show got a face-lift in December 2013, and later the name got changed to ‘Khunkhar: Supercops vs. Supervillains’.The show went off the air in February 2017.

The main cast of the show: Harshad Arora is depicted as SuperCop Jai, Ragini Nandwani is depicted as Adonia, the Vampire Princess, Vaishnavi Dhanraj is depicted as SuperCop Shaina, Ankit Raaj is depicted as Veer, the Vampire Prince, Amit Pachori is depicted as SuperCop Ranveer, Manit Joura is depicted as SuperCop Jaywant Rane, Nitin Chauhan is depicted as SuperCop Jogi Sikander, Kishwar Merchant is depicted as Trisha (Supervillain Tarot Card Reader)/ Tanzia (Centipede Queen), Navi Bhangu is depicted as Mobo-Monster (The Mobile Villain), Rohit Choudhary is depicted as Khajoora, the Werewolf King, Gavie Chahal is depicted as Lahuman, Swati Kapoor is depicted as Dhara, Neetha Shetty is depicted as Bichchuki (The Scorpion Woman) , Parul Chaudhary is depicted as Raj Mata (Vampire Queen) and Vicky Batra is depicted as Gogaan, a Werewolf.

In a short span of time, the show gained a lot of popularity with audiences of all age groups due to its interesting concept and plot. The show mostly revolves around how Supercops, who possess the power and energy to fight wild beasts and demons, save the people from the wrath of wild creatures. The plot of the show revolves around a love story between Jai, a Supercop, and Adonia, the Princess of the vampire clan. Jai, the Supercop catches a beast and on his way back gets attacked by a werewolf. Here Adonia comes and saves him from the agony of the werewolf and a paranormal love story begins. Watch all the episodes of the show by logging on to www.hotstar.com. Also, subscribe to the channel to get all the latest updates on your favourite show.