Hindi Tv Serial Kaisi Laagi Lagan

Kaisi Laagi Lagan Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Kaisi Laagi Lagan was a television series which was aired on Sahara One Monday to Friday in 87 episodes in the period between 13 October 2008 and 10 February 2009. The series continued to air after 10 February 2009 under the name Shubh Kadam. The main protagonist in the series was Pratha (played by Mahii Vij). She was raised by her mother Ambika (played by Sudha Chandran) because her father left them when she was 5 years old. Her mother struggled to provide everything for the home and for her daughter, and Pratha always helped her earning some money by giving dance lessons to small children.

In the series Pratha is shown as a 23 year old girl who attends college and likes to have fun with friends. She doesn't want to get emotionally attached with any boy, but at a gathering her friends use a planchette to invite ghosts and ask them questions, and for the answer to the question "what will be the name of Pratha's husband" the name Raghav appeared. Raghav (played by Asmit Kaushik) later joined their college and became friends with Pratha. Later on, they fell in love and wanted to get married. But Pratha never knew the secret that her mother was keeping from her for years, that their family is cursed and they can't have a happy marriage. Soon Pratha and Raghav start to experience the curse in the form of a supernatural presence which was changing their destiny in an unknown direction.

The series presented the audience with unseen approach towards love stories, which was very entertaining and kept the audience alert and always demanding more.