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Hindi Tv Serial Eena Meena Deeka

Eena Meena Deeka Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
Eana Meena Deeka is an Indian comedy TV serial, broadcasted on STAR Plus during Saturdays. The serial was directed by Karan Razdan Karan Razdan is a Bollywood actor. He was born in >> Read More... and produced by Barkha Roy Being the producer or maybe another creator of a m >> Read More... . At first, the title of the serial is “Ladies Only”, but it was changed to Eana Meena Deeka after nine months of airing.

The serial is a story of three inseparable unmarried women, living together, sharing the same ambitions and are devoted to each other. The main character roles will be portrayed by Reena Roy The 80s was a landmark in the film career of Reena >> Read More... , the man-hater, Anita Raaj, the fitness enthusiast and Asha Sachdev She is famous TV and Film actress. She was the alu >> Read More... , the most susceptible and attractive among the three. The serial will present the trials faced by the three main characters, who tried to dispute the world they know as anti-women.

Each of them has a very strong vision but they were once distorted by that. The three has similar objective and that is to avoid the world of male bigotry. And though they sometimes argue and disagree with each other, they stick with each other because of their love and how they shared the same objectives. The three will deal with men and deceptions.

The theme song of the serial was composed by Rupmatti Jolly or Roop for short.