Hindi Tv Serial Choo Kar Mere Mann Ko

Choo Kar Mere Mann Ko Hindi TV SERIALS on DOORDARSHAN

Chukar Mere Mann Ko was a television series that ran on the DD National Channel of the Doordarshan Network. The series was aired only twice a week on Thursday and Friday. The show was produced by Rahul Bhatt Rahul Bhatt is a hunk Indian model turned actor an >> Read More... , and it was his second joint venture with the Doordarshan network. Rohit Raj was the writer of the show. The show was praised for how it portrayed the characters. The show was a socio-cultural drama that highlighted the changing landscape of society in India. The gap between small towns and cities like Mumbai and Delhi is rapidly increasing which creates a difference in their mindsets and thinking.

The show tries to portray this through their protagonists – Pari, Tiya, and Alvira. Pari is played by Samiksha, Tiya by Kristi and Alvira by Roshni respectively. The show also stars PankajBedi and Panital in star roles. All three girls come from the small towns of Lucknow and Banaras, to Mumbai in search of jobs and a better life. All three decide to live as paying guests in the house of an elderly couple in Mumbai. The main protagonist is Samiksha, who is a determined woman.

She is idealistic and driven by the morals and values instilled in her. She rarely breaks them and always tries to stand up to her ethics. Samiksha is a journalist working with a local news agency. Her ethics and values show up in her work too. She is determined to uphold the quality of her journalism and always tries to maintain it. She does not choose quantity over quality and only works on something that she admires or respects. This earns her praise from some of her peers.

The main story of the show involves Samiksha, the landlord couple, and local builders. Samiksha’s landlord’s house is in a prime location in Mumbai worth lakhs of rupees. The builders know this and want to create a mall in place of the house. When the methods to convince the couple fail, the builders do not give up but start getting aggressive and hostile towards them. They involve the local corporator and start hammering them to give up on their house. Samiksha is appalled by this and decides to take a stand against this as a journalist. She decides to use her position to bring light to this issue and try to save the elderly couple from the goons. The show centers around her struggle as she tries to ensure the safety of the landlords.