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Bindas Bol is a popular television show from the 1990s hosted by well-known writer-director Amole Gupte, specially known for his excellent scripting in Taare Zameen Par. The show is a hit reality show from the days back then. It was started with an aim to spread awareness on the topics that were both controversial and neglected. It is much like an open discussion between people. Though the show already had many sets of restrictions on the speakers but still it often used to turn into a debate.

In each episode of Bindas Bol five to six panelists were called from different parts of the country related to the topic that was supposed to be discussed in the episode. Panelists were often contacted by the host specially to give of their opinions on the topics. The show was not only popular because it was first of its kind but also due to fact that the topics that were discussed on the show were unique and of modern culture. The panel that usually appears on the episodes consisted of not only politicians but also social scientists, celebrities, social workers and academicians.

One of the topics that were boldly popular was ‘Acceptance Of Gays In The Society’ which was way too advanced for the mid-1990s, still people were shocked by the debate that took place, the depth and its maturity was way too ahead of the times. The host also performed really well in the whole series. Amole Gupte added his brilliant points in each and every discussion, though he was not that popular during the time. The show also featured many topics especially on parent-child relation, peer pressure and related issues.

Another topic which went viral among the student community was ‘Techno Chor’ that is how to cheat in exams using technology. We can think of wireless nano technology nowadays but during that time the guys who participated in the conversation debated upon the use of satellite communications and how it can be merged with their watches and other portable gadgets which were their very own small time inventions.

The way discussion flowed was really appreciable and the points that were put forward were amazing. We all wanted to cheat in exams like Munna Bhai does in Munnai Bhai MBBS and that is the reason for the popularity of the episode among the teens Nowadays there are many television shows featuring debates but they are mostly based on the political issues. Very few shows feature topics which are of national importance or social welfare. Thus Bindas Bol remains first show of its kind till date.