Hindi Tv Serial Best of Luck Nikki

Best of Luck Nikki Hindi Tv serials on Disney tv

The show Best of Luck Nikki premiered on Disney India channel in 2011. It had three successful seasons. The fourth season was cut short due to low TRPs (Television Ratings). American sitcom ‘Good Luck Charlie’ was the inspiration behind this show. The plot remained more or less similar with certain Indianised themes. Vijay Velu was the producer of this show, and David Polycarp directed it. The main cast includes Sheena Bajaj (Nikki’s only other sister), Gurdip Punj (Nikki’s mother), Girish Sachdev (Nikki’s father), Murtuza Kutianawala (Nikki’s elder brother), Ananya Kolvankar (Nikki) and Aakash Nair (Nikki’s younger brother).

The plot of the show revolves around the Singh family. The parents recently gave birth to their fourth child, Nikki. Burdened by responsibilities, parents Himani, who is a nurse and Avatar, who is an electrician enlist the help of their sons Rohan and Sunny and their daughter Dolly for raising Nikki. The show also revolves around the everyday teenage struggles of these characters: Dolly, Rohan, and Sunny. Dolly decides to create a video diary for Nikki, which can give her guidance when she grows up. The show had four seasons. The first season aired from April 3, 2011, to March 8, 2012.

The story of the first season included an introduction of all the characters. Dolly, who is fifteen years old, is a studious student, and her best friend is Pam. Her first crush is Ritesh, her classmate. Sunny, who is nine years old, is a menace. He creates havoc in school as well as at home. Rohan, who is 18 years old, is extremely laid back and is bad at academics. His best friend is Popi, who is also a good for nothing. Popi has a huge crush on Dolly. These characters create a video diary for their sister Nikki to give her life advice.

Their father, Avatar is always busy with his electrical work. In the season finale, it is revealed that Himani is expecting a fifth child. The second season starts with the news that Dolly has broken up with Ritesh and is now dating Rahul. Rohan starts attending college and Himani goes back to work. In the third season, Dolly starts college and starts dating the college nuisance, Ayaan. Rohan moves out of his home and starts living independently. Avatar destroys his house because of a gross error in judgment and now the family is staying in a hotel room. In the last season, another kid is born into the family, Bobby. Dolly is working as a freelance in different companies. The show ends with Himani pregnant again. The series ended in April 2016.