English Tv Show The Sopranos Season 4

The Sopranos Season 4 English TV SERIALS on HBO

The Sopranos is an American Television crime-drama series which had been created by David Chase. This show had been broadcasted on HBO between January 10, 1999, and June 10, 2007. ‘Chase Films’ and ‘Bad Grey Television were the production companies which produced this series. ‘The Sopranos’ deals around the Italian-American gangster, Tony Soprano and his family based in ‘New-Jersey’. Despite having a large criminal organisation the Mafia don Tony Soprano always balanced his family life. He faced many problems while handling both his family and his business.

The fourth season premiered on September 15, 2002, and concluded on December 8, 2002. Following the series of events of the earlier season, Tony Soprano gives financial support to Uncle Junior to explain his legal bills. Carmela wishes to learn more about financial handlings of her family. Tony starts getting worried when he comes to know about Janice Soprano’s and Ralph Cifaretto’s relation. Johnny Sack becomes furious after Ralph Cifaretto makes a comment about his wife Ginny’s weight. He asks his boss Carmine Lupertazzi if he could avenge his anger on Ralph. Carmela starts getting attracted towards Furio Giunta at a party.

Ralph and Tony invest in a race horse called Pie-O-My and make a great deal of money. Tony decides to have an extra-marital affair. Tony and Ralph get a large amount of money through a government scam. Later Ralph breaks down when his son faces a fatal injury. Tony and Ralph have a violent fight about the stable fire of Pie-O-My, and this leads to the death of Ralph. Tony and Christopher bury his body by dismembering his body parts. Adriana becomes an undercover FBI agent. The series ends with Carmela and Tony having an argument about their extra-marital relationships. The theme song for this show is ‘Woke up this morning’ which’s been composed by the British band Alabama 3.

This show has received many accolades from the television industry and has also won more than fifty awards in various categories. This series has been named as “The Greatest television series of all times”. The lead characters of this series had been played by James Gandolfini as Anthony Soprano, and Edie Falco had played the role of Carmela Soprano. Joe Pantoliano had played the role of Ralph Cifaretto; Federico Castelluccio had played Furio Giunta, and Michael Imperioli had portrayed Christopher Moltisanti.