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Californication is an award-winning TV series starring David Duchovny as the infamous Hank Moody, the struggling writer. The show touches upon other facets of his life, which consist of his relationship with his daughter and girlfriend. While all these elements are present, Californication is known for its explicit sexual content and depiction. The title is a clever play on this concept, for it contains the section of 'fornication' which means the intimate act. Season 1 of Californication introduces the characters, with subtle aspects of each of their stories.

The first season of Californication debuted August 11, 2007, and finished October 29, 2007. The season followed and introduced Hank Moody the main protagonist and the other principle characters. Hank is shown to have been married to Karen who is planning her wedding Bill, a Los Angeles publisher. Hank is floundering somewhere down in self-hatred taking after the arrival of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which he sees as a less than impressive yet prominent motion picture adjustment to his latest novel, God Hates Us All. While flirting with a younger woman in a bookshop, Hank discovers that she is really Bill's 16-year-old girl, Mia.

Hank invests the majority of his energy drinking. Then, Mia is shown to haunt Hank amid his visits to his family, threatening to uncover his statutory assault of her, in order to take stories for her creative writing class. The passing of his dad triggers a liquor-fuelled fling and a possible sexual experience with Karen. After his father's memorial service, Hank stays in New York to complete an original copy for another novella. Be that as it may, when Hank comes back to LA, his original goes missing when he is carjacked. Mia has held her own duplicate and passes the work off as her own.

The season is seen to also illustrate Hank's relationship with his daughter, Becca. The season ends with the depiction of Karen and Bill's wedding day on which, Hank is sorrowful but acknowledges the way things are. However, as he leaves the party with Becca, Karen jumps into the car, running away from her marriage. This is the first season of Californication, and it is seen to be a rollercoaster of emotions and plot twists. All the characters are presented in an interesting way, who are seen to interact with the viewers on a personal level. And it is from this season does the show propel itself into a major addiction to the audience.