Assamese Tv Serial Krishna Xakshi

Krishna Xakshi Assamese TV SERIALS on Rang TV

Krishna Xakshi (2021) is an Assamese serial airing on Rang TV channel. The project is headed by Rinik Bhuyan Sharma. The serial is produced by Rajib Hazarika. The series has been directed under prominent director Sanjib Sarkar. Anindita Pal has contributed her voice to the main opening theme song. The story revolves around the life of a small-town girl named Xakshi. Xakshi’s mother passes away suddenly, and she moves in with her aunt’s family to begin her new life in the city. Her cousin Trishna is rude, misguided and proud. Xakshi’s aunt is her stepmother. Hence, she cannot digest Xakshi as she is a model good nature, warm-hearted girl. This sense of jealousy is fueled because Xakshi gets married to the boy Trishna fancies.

The boy in question, Krishna loves his wife and hopes for a blissful life. However, Trishna creates marital troubles for the couple. The end marks out as Trishnarealises her mistake and Krishna and Xakshi get their version of a happy marriage. The actors playing the role of Krishna and Xakshi have been well cast and people have loved the onscreen pair for the inevitable chemistry and sweet romantic love tale. Trishna’s character is well put and the face of all problems a couple goes through along the route to strengthening and affirming their bond.