Assamese Tv Serial Kajal Priya

Kajal Priya Assamese TV SERIALS on Rang TV

Kajal Priya was an Assamese drama television show aired on Rang TV. The lead characters of the show were Arnab Ayan, Bhaskar Bora, and Samiran Saikia. Kajol Priya was a narrative of a girl who was as organic as a stream that cascaded from a mountain. She had shared a home with her grandma and her brother, a special needs child. Because of her naive confidence in her best friend Rukmajit Kajol, she hadn't recognized that Rukma was in love with her. However, Rukma was reluctant to express his affections to her out of concern that he could also lose his best buddy. Because he couldn't tell, Kajol was never aware. For filming purposes, Morom, a well-known actor, visited the village where Kajol resided. That was the precise moment Kajal and Morom came into contact. Morom quickly came to terms with his feelings for Kajol. But the tale wasn't that straightforward. The plot then takes a pretty abrupt shift.