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Ted 2 Trailers, Teasers & Video Songs

Ted 2 is the sequel to the comedy film, Ted, that revolves around the friendship between two friends where one is an animated teddy bear. Seth MacFarlane is the director, producer and writer of the story, and he also voices Ted. The trailer starts off with Ted and Tami-Lynn, played by Jessica Barth, trying to adopt a baby but get rejected. And to make matters worse, Ted gets written off as a property. The story follows them as they try to win a legal battle to get back Ted’s rights with the help from an inexperienced lawyer.

The trailer showcases some of the hilarious and raunchy jokes the first film was notable for, except a bit dialled down. The animation and graphics on Ted are perfect. The screenplay is comical but looses some of its lustre. Amanda Seyfried replaces Mila Kunis as John’s wife and her chemistry between the characters is just as convincing. Mark Wahlberg who plays John, Ted’s best friend, was the focus in the previous story but in this one the focus shifts towards Ted. The review for the sequel is on the fence. Lovers of the original movie will love the sequel but the movie is a little weak on its comedy than the predecessor. Though the movie features a teddy bear, it is not meant for children's view as it focuses on being an adult comedy.