Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


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This is an exclusive video containing the interview with Jacob Lofland, who plays the role of Arisinthe film. He discusses the experiences of shooting and also gives an insight into the plot of the film. He describes the various challenges their characters face.He also speaks of the pleasant friendship shared by the cast members. 20th Century Fox has released twenty-three videos for the film including two trailers. This clip received 16,585 views on Screen Slam page. Wes Ball has directed this movie. It is a sequel to The Maze Runner. The film begins with a backstory of Young Thomas and how he was taken by Ava Paigen, head of W.C.K.D. assuring that everything would be alright.

The story then moves on to the current day, where the gladers Thomas, Newt, Minho, Teresa, Frypan, and Winston who escaped from the maze are rescued by armed troops. They are taken into a facility run by Janson. They are assured to be provided with food, shelter and protection there. Thomas gets doubtful about the functions of the facility and with the help of Aris, one of the first survivors, he discovers that survivors are tortured and being experimented upon and that Janson has been working for W.C.K.D. Thomas, along with his friends enter the deserted outside world of Scorch, in an attempt to meet The Right Arm, who has been fighting against the evil W.C.K.D.

The group tackles many troubles that come their way, including an escape from the Cranks, who are infected by virus and are flesh eaters. They meet Brenda and Jorge who lead a group of survivors. After going through some hard experiences, they meet The Right Arm. The Right Arm leader has been led by Vince. A former W.C.K.D. scientist Mary reveals that Thomas was an informant to reveal the deeds of W.C.K.D. Teresa informs about their location to W.C.K.D. and they capture Minho. Thomas decides to infiltrate W.C.K.D, to save his friend Minho and kill Ava for her atrocities against humans. The movie received mixed reviews from critics. Audience applauded the film for the impeccable special effects and spectacular acting by the cast.