Thittam Irandu is a whodunit kind of thriller scripted and directed by Vignesh Karthick. Dinesh Kannan and Vinodkumar produced the film under Sixer Entertainme

Thittam Irandu Movie Review

Thittam Irandu Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Thittam Irandu"
Runtime: TBC
Certificate: TBD
Released: 30-07-2021
Genre: Thriller
3 / 5.0



Thittam Irandu is a whodunit kind of thriller scripted and directed by Vignesh Karthick Vignesh Karthick is an actor, a Video Jockey, a st >> Read More... Vignesh Karthick . Dinesh Kannan and Vinodkumar produced the film under Sixer Entertainment and Mini Studio banners. Aishwarya Rajesh Aishwarya Rajesh, commonly known as Iyshwarya, is >> Read More... Aishwarya Rajesh , Subash Selvam, Ananya Ramprasad, Pavel Navageethan Pavel Navageethan was born on 17th February 1985 C >> Read More... Pavel Navageethan , Gokul Anand Gokul Anand is a Tamil Movie Actor. His first debu >> Read More... Gokul Anand , and Jeeva Ravi He is an admired Tamil actor and a casting directo >> Read More... Jeeva Ravi are in the main roles. Sathish Raghunathan composed the music.


Athira is a cop who got her posting in Chennai. While traveling on a bus, she meets Arjun. Soon they become friends. Athira joins the duty, and there awaits a big shock for her in the debut case. Her childhood friend Deepa Surya is murdered, and Athira had to deal with the case. What is the motive behind the murder? What is Arjun’s part in this murder mystery? Did Athira find the murderer? The rest of the film deals with it.

Star Performance

Whether it is a mother role or a village girl, Aishwarya does it in style. She fixes well with the characters and finishes her part with ease. This is one of such characters that fit the talented girl, and she enjoyed her part, like eating ice cream. Ananya is excellent in her role. She emotes extremely well and receives applause. The rest of the characters had done what is required.


The story is okay, the screenplay is okay, but the logic? Athira is a cop, and she meets a guy on bus travel. All of a sudden, how could one fell for an unknown guy? That sounds weird. But, the twists and turns in the film are properly timed, and they create a new expectation in every scene. The toping on the cake is the climax, which is well-made. Although some logical loopholes and the director is criticized, he receives appreciation for his unexpected climax. The choice of artists is also made finely. The cinematography and BGM are quite decent. The dialogues are good.

What’s There?

  • The performance of the stars is the biggest plus
  • Decent screenplay by Vignesh is engaging

What’s Not There?

  • Logical loopholes spoil the story


With the performance of the leads and the engaging screenplay by the director, the film makes the audience sit till the end. The unexpected climax impresses the viewers, and kudos to the director. Thittam Irandu – watch-worthy.