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Dinosaurs is a Tamil action, thriller, and drama film released in 2023 under the banner of Galaxy Pictures. Madhavan Ramasamy is the film s director, and Sriniv

Dinosaurs Movie Review

Dinosaurs Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Written by Sipra Karmakar
Review for the film " Dinosaurs"
Runtime: 2 hours 30 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-07-2023
Genre: Drama, Thriller
3 / 5.0



Dinosaurs is a Tamil action, thriller, and drama film released in 2023 under the banner of Galaxy Pictures. Madhavan Ramasamy is the film’s director, and Srinivas Sambandam is the film’s producer. Jones V Anand is the cinematographer, and R Valampurinathan is the art director. R. Kalaivanan edited the film, and Bobo Shashi Bobo Shashi is an Indian Music Director and Playba >> Read More... Bobo Shashi composed the music.

Udhay Karthik Udhay Avishek Karthik is a South Indian actor who >> Read More... Udhay Karthik , Maara Jothi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Maara Jothi , Sai Priya Deva, Ramana Chandrasekar, and Rishi Rithvik Rishi Rithvik is an inevitable name in award shows >> Read More... Rishi Rithvik are the film’s cast.


The film is set in the backdrop of North Chennai. It revolves around the life of Mannu (Udhay Karthik), who attempts to stay away from violence. But due to circumstances, he becomes a gangster and involves himself in a conflict. His friend Dhana (Rishi Rithvik) gives up his life for a dangerous gangster Durai (Maara Jothi). This incident causes Mannu to live a criminal life.

Mannu also strives to keep his brother’s friend safe. He finds himself caught in violence and rival gangs. Moreover, he also seeks justice and answers for the sorrowful past of his family. 

Will Mannu be successful in taking revenge for his friend’s death? What is the mystery behind Mannu’s family? Will he be able to seek justice and explanations for his family?

Star Performance

Udhay Karthik, who played the role of Mannu, gave a brilliant performance. His character adds depth and sincerity to this film. He looks very genuine on screen, seeking revenge for his friend. He shows all the characteristics of a true friend and makes the viewers emotional in some scenes.

Rishi Rithvik, who played the role of Dhana, gave an impressive performance of a selfless friend. He looks decent on screen. Maara Jothi makes a powerful appearance as a gangster. He gave a terrific performance. His dialogue delivery and expressions are outstanding.

Sai Priya Devi and Ramana Chandrasekar did everything required. They tried their best to make the film impressive. Among all the cast, Udhay Karthik steals the whole film.


The film explores the themes of revenge, sacrifice, friendship, justice, and loyalty. It takes the viewers on a fresh journey filled with gripping rivalries. There are both action and emotional scenes in this film. The heart-touching friendship and emotions amid tension and suspense make this film realistic to the audience. 

The performances by the cast and the general atmosphere make the film more attractive. The direction by Madhavan Ramasamy deserves a lot of appreciation. He successfully builds up a gangster world atmosphere. Jones V Anand’s cinematography excellently captures North Chennai. Overall, Dinosaurs is an impressive film from start to finish.

What’s There?

• Revenge, brotherhood, loyalty, sacrifice, and justice.

• Action and emotional scenes.

• Gangster film.

• Tension and suspense elements.

• Brilliant performance by Udhay Karthik and Maara Jothi.

• Good direction and screenplay.

• Superb cinematography. The chaos of North Chennai is perfectly captured.

• The music enriches the action and emotional scenes. 

• Mind-blowing VFX, especially in the action scenes.

• Tight editing and good production design.

What’s Not There?

• Weak performance by some of the supporting cast in the second half.

• The film has a slow pace in the beginning.

• Minor flaws.


All in all, Dinosaurs is a unique gangster film filled with suspense and tension. The film’s cast, dialogues, direction, and cinematography make it attractive to the audience from the beginning. If you want to experience action and emotions simultaneously, you should definitely try this film.