A rags to riches story which may sound a clich eacute but wait till Vidya Balan surprises you with her bold acting skills The plot We all know how compe

The Dirty Picture Movie Review

The Dirty Picture Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " The Dirty Picture"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-12-2011
Genre: Drama
3.25 / 5.0

A rags to riches story, which may sound a cliché, but wait till Vidya Balan surprises you with her bold acting skills.

The plot:

We all know how competitive the film industry is. Set in the backdrop of 1980’s desperately waiting for a hit, a film producer sees a potential hit, in this ambitious yet sexy girl called Reshma. She soon becomes a hit, in this supposedly respectable society, which changed her identity from Reshma to Silk.

Silk’s journey is sad yet familiar. The rise and fall story of this nonentity, who turns into the biggest sex symbol of the industry, might not have the best of acting abilities, but she sure knows how to use her charm-both onscreen and off screen.

The story shows both, her journey to stardom, a phase where she dominated almost all the movie posters, which got her much attention as a potential threat as well as some genuine lovers like Ramakant. It also goes on to show how her excessive substance abuse, brings her down, in a place where others are harping to overthrow her dominance.

In consequence, she loses her love interest, her dominance on posters. The journey of rise and fall, as is a natural force, is brilliantly portrayed by Balan.

The analysis:

The story was based on the real life journey of Silk Smitha and Disco Shanti, real life temptresses as they were called. More than the direction, and how the story is flowing, Vidya Balan’s role as Silk was a commendable one who brought her many awards.

I wouldn't see any other choice if it wasn’t Vidya. No matter how much we care about how we look, especially on screen, showing off her cleavage, or sporting a super tight denim, which highlights her flab, is a no joke. Balan immerses herself into the character, and we don’t see why it wouldn’t be disturbing.