Mumbai Salsa Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Mumbai Salsa"
Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 16-10-2007
Genre: Comedy Drama
2.5 / 5.0


It's a story of a group of friends who are living in a Metropolitan city with their share of ups and downs. They have to see a lot of struggle as well as good and bad phases in their love life.
Analysis: This movie is an example of a cinema that is unconventional and offbeat. There are very slight chances of it being usual and ordinary because of it being on a subject that is contemporary and unique. This movie essentially talks about the kind of life that people living in metropolitan cities lead and the quality of their relationships. This movie is also filled with a lot of newcomers which fills the movie with a unique kind of freshness and lively spirit.

Star Performance

The performance that outshined all others was definitely Vir Das who has established himself to be immensely talented and pleasantly skilled actor and who definitely has very bright future ahead. Manjari is also very charming in her performance and is quite noticeable among the crowd because of her beautiful presence and skilled acting.

What you may like:

● The second half of the movie sees some really good moments which raises the graph of the movie eventually.
● The director has done a good job in the movie. The direction of the movie is one of the good things about it because the efforts and skills are evidently visible.
● Another thing that catches our interest is the music and the background score of the movie that is also done pretty fine and leaves a positive impact.

What you may dislike:

● The movie has no elements in it that will truly impress you to a great extent. It is unsuccessful in keeping you glued to the screen, and you will not be engaged in the film.
Manoj Tyagi had written some commendable stories in the past, and this one just doesn't seem like being anywhere close to any good.
● There is monotony, and you will never be taken aback by any novelty whatsoever.


There is a greater chance that nothing is lost by missing this movie.