Lord Krishna has always been adored and revered by his devotees Well does this movie that revolves around the life of Lord Krishna does a commendable job R

Krishna Aur Kans Movie Review

Krishna Aur Kans Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Krishna Aur Kans"
Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 03-07-2012
Genre: Animation
3 / 5.0



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  • Reliance Entertainment
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  • Animated Characters

Lord Krishna has always been adored and revered by his devotees. Well, does this movie, that revolves around the life of Lord Krishna, does a commendable job? Read more to find out.


This movie chronicles the life of Lord Krishna from his early years of childhood. There is also the tyranny of Kans, Krishna's uncle, and his consequent downfall.

Star Performances

Om Puri has done a wonderful job as Kans with all the evil laughter and the kind of beastly dialogue delivery that he did. Juhi also was very soothing as Yashoda. We see a sweet little Krishna in his early childhood and at his mischievous best. This makes the movie a beautiful journey, wonderful experience with full of adoration for this cute little child.


We have been brought up listening to the various tales of Krishna and his tyrannous uncle, Kans. This movie is successful in helping us reminisce those times of our childhood and the stories that we were brought up with.

What’s there?

  1. This movie is plainly adorable and mesmerizing because of the beautiful animation that has been brought into use for its production.
  2. The various choices that were made on the voices for every character were perfectly apt. They were chosen very intelligently.

What’s not there?

  1. The duration of the movie is far too long. It is because of this length that you may find yourself losing patience at some point.
  2. The music of the movie isn't anything great. It doesn't impress you at all, and you would rather want to ignore it.
  3. Since we have been brought up listening to these stories when we watch the movie there is nothing new that we are told. This makes the movie very predictable.


 One should definitely watch this film because of the simplicity, innocence, and adorability that it embodies. Along with that, we also become well-versed with Indian mythology through this movie.