Chauranga caught our attention when it won national and international recognition And now this film has hit the screens Let rsquo s see how it turns out to be

Chauranga Movie Review

Chauranga Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Chauranga"
Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 08-01-2016
Genre: Drama, Horror
3.75 / 5.0



Chauranga caught our attention when it won national and international recognition. And now this film has hit the screens. Let’s see how it turns out to be.


Chauranaga is set in the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh. A point to be noted is that caste indifference is still prevailing in U.P. Sohum Maitra is a mischievous Dalit kid who is in the threshold of adolescence. And just like any kid at this phase of life he is infatuated towards a zamindar’s beautiful daughter Ena Saha. While Sohum is not going to school his elder brother Riddhi Sen gets his schooling in city. Riddhi is very fond of his younger brother. Tannishtha Chaterjee is the mother of these two kids who gets into an affair with the zamindar for getting her children educated. And the movie also has other characters to convey its message. Basically the movie revolves around the casteism that is still prevalent in India in is highest form.

Star Performances

The children Sohum and Riddhi are so realistic in their portrayals that you can’t stop appreciating them. Their rapport is something commendable and it is no exaggeration that the film gets an altogether new height when they are together. Sanjay Suri, as the Zamindar who bosses over his women, tries hard to fit into his character Tanishta Chaterjee has done a convincing job as the Dalit woman Dhaniya.


There are quite a handful of Bolywood films that were made on caste divide . However, the big shots of Bollywood have always walked the safer side and have not worked on films dealing with caste discrimination. But the revelation here is that the recently released Chauranga seems to have no problems in showcasing caste problems in a candid way. Anger oozes throughout the film and there is also the love element.

Director Bikas Ranjan Mishra has handled the subject in an astute manner and some of the scenes just hit the bull’s eyes. The first half is a candid portrayal of what spitefulness happens in the interiors of India. The ironical part is that when we pose a picture of being advanced in many ways there are certain interiors where people are not aware of even mobile phones. They are just bothered about suppression, casteism and its related aspects. But again, Salman Khan is a famous name in these areas and the Bhai connotation is widely used in the movie.

Independent cinema is always something to reckon with, and Chauranga is one such film. The filmmaker should be applauded for making a genuine cinema which is also provocative to the core.

What’s there?

  • The primary characters are crafted well (sometimes they just mirror what is happening in these places in a an open manner). The mother who uses her appeal to give education to her sons is a hard-hitting reality.
  • Being a debutant, the director should be appreciated for taking a theme with social relevance.

What’s not there?

  • It seems that the director is content with establishing the characters in the first half that he didn’t concentrate too much on the second half.
  • Certain characters are added just to give more intensity to the drab atmosphere.
  • Justice could have given to the characters in a subtle manner. Certain characters are incomplete.
  • The film could have been completed in a convincing manner.


Is there any trace of goodness in the movie? Or is it just overshadowed by the dark realiities of lfe? Just watch the movie to find out and 5 points for you if you find goodness in the movie. Well again, are you game for realistic movies other than the regular masala entertainers? Then you can very well watch Chauranga.