A chase towards unraveling the mystery behind their condition PLOT 39 The thief 39 harvests a larvae that will have an adverse effect when ingested int

Upstream Color Movie Review

Upstream Color Movie Review English
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Upstream Color"
Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 05-04-2013
Genre: Romance, Thriller
3.5 / 5.0



A chase towards unraveling the mystery behind their condition.

PLOT: 'The thief' harvests a larvae, that will have an adverse effect, when ingested into a human body. He injects it into Amy Seimetz's body and hypnotize her to do certain tasks like getting all her funds transferred into his account. Later, she on seeing a worm crawling under her skin, she tries to remove it, but ultimately fails in her attempt. 'Sampler' uses infrasonic to bring Amy to his farm and remove the worm ingested in her body. He transfers the worm into a pig's body. When Amy comes to her senses, she is puzzled on how her savings got empty. After a year, while Amy is travelling, she finds Shane Carruth with similar stitch marks. She also comes to know that he underwent the same events that she experienced. They together try to unravel the mystery behind their stitches.

ANALYSIS: Shane Carruth is a one man army, who took in charge of direction, music, editing and writing. He is also sharing the protagonist role with Amy. Shane wants us to feel his movie, but in turn he gets in his own way. Since most of the essential details of the movie, such as budgets were not disclosed, it created a natural curiosity among the audience. Even after so much of gal between his movies, people were showing so much of support for his movie. This movie is like a sci-fi thriller, but without any genre. This is a mystery movie, that is tough for certain people to understand the narration. It is a complicated film, that gives you questions and the answers as well, but with twist and turns.

STAR PERFORMANCES: With very less dialogues to speak, Amy expressed all her feelings through her facial expressions. She is the heart of the movie. Shane's performance was not up to the mark. It was bland. He does not attract an audience like Amy. 

WHAT'S THERE? This movie does not concentrate only on one theme. It is simply a puzzle filled with many themes. Visual effects by Douglas Trumbull is stunning.

WHAT'S NOT THERE? Second half did not have the charm as first half does. Shane himself also adds up to the one of the reasons. Though he is a good writer and a director, acting wise, he is an amateur.

VERDICT: a colorful experiment of love and nature.