Veere Di Wedding Is Banned In Pakistan!

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Veere Di Wedding Is Banned In Pakistan!

Veere Di Wedding, the upcoming woman-centric film is banned in Pakistan stating that the film uses abusive languages. The film has the star cast of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Swara Bhaskar, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Shikha Talsania. As the highly expected film is banned by the Pakistan Censor Board, the Pakistan fans are sarcastically expressing their opinion. As the film had been given A Certificate in India, the Pakistan fans also suggest the same in Pakistan, instead of banning it. Here are some tweets from the disappointed Pakistani fans:

Loooool Pakistan banned #VeereDiWedding. Nargis’ crazy butt dances and Shaan’s violent killing sprees were okay but you’ve banned this film coz it shows women have agency & choice. Way to go, idiots.

#VeereDiWedding is banned in Pakistan because it promotes vulgar content and sexual dialogues. I mean, seriously? What are we like, kids?

Censor board has confirmed that #VeereDiWedding is going to be banned in Pakistan because of "vulgarity" and also "theme."

A film about a bunch of badass ladies being banned by a bunch of grumpy men, why am I not surprised?

I'll still be watching it no matter what. Been waiting for this film since last year. Censorboard of Pakistan can go suck it.#VeereDiWedding

#VeereDiWedding banned in Pakistan due to vulgar content..Probably because the girls are cursing and talking about sex,if the same would have been done by men.. It wouldnt have been vulgar#DoubleStandards#SonamKapoor #KareenaKapoorKhan # swarabhaskar @sonamakapoor @ReallySwara

#VeereDiWedding Is banned in #Pakistan & the reason is extreme use of foul language.
From one point it's fine as #GangsOfVaseypur was also banned because of the same reason.
Why can't sensor board release films under A certificate, after all no one is screening porn or rated film