Ishita, Not Divyanka In ICU!

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Ishita,  Not Divyanka In ICU!

Divyanka Tripathi Divyanka Tripathi was born in Bhopal India. She is >> Read More... Divyanka Tripathi is juggling between her “ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Yeh hai Mohabbatein is an Indian soap opera of the >> Read More... Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ” set and the wedding preparations these days. It has been hectic for her to manage work and at the same time not compromise on her wedding plans. She has completed her pre-wedding shoot and major decisions like the selection of wedding and reception cards, Hotel bookings, etc. are being carried out. So, when the news that she has been hospitalized and is in ICU started circulating on Twitter, fans believed it and were concerned about her health. Later the rumor was rubbished by the production house, and they clarified that her character Ishita Bhalla will be seen in ICU for a few days. The reason is the 31-year- old’s nuptial to actor Vivek Dahiya Vivek Dahiya is a TV actor who has gained a great >> Read More... Vivek Dahiya . The story of the TV series has been altered a little so that Divyanka can take a break from the shooting for a few days. Similarly, Vivek’s character in the show “Kawach” will be said to be on a business trip.