Top 10 Newly Emerging Marathi Celebrities

Top 10 Newly Emerging Marathi Celebrities Marathi Article

When we look at the Marathi films that have recently been released, we can't help but note that the future of Marathi cinema is in good hands. While modern Marathi filmmakers are doing well for themselves, Marathi actors aren't far behind. This Marathi actor has blessed us with their ability.

1. Parna Pethe The Marathi film actress was born on 19 February 1 >> Read More... Parna Pethe

Parna Pethe is an Indian actress best known for her role in the Marathi film Medium Spicy. She has also acted in other experimental plays and other notable Marathi movies.


2. Rahul Deshpande Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rahul Deshpande

Rahul Deshpande is a singer by profession, but because of the success of his most recent film, Mee Vasantrao, released in 2022, he is now a rising star in the Marathi cinema business.

3. Aroh Welankar Aroh Velankar is an actor by profession, who debut >> Read More... Aroh Welankar

Aroh Welankar has a lot of film industry expertise, having entered the field previously but failing to find considerable success; nonetheless, his most recent film, "Funral," catapulted him to the top of the area.


4. Rajashree Nikam

Rajashree Nikam had previously performed in a movie chaandi but wasn't able to give it her all; nevertheless, in her most recent film, "Soyrik," where she outperformed everyone, she owes this to her prior work in several Marathi serials.


5. Sujata Mongal Pawar

Sujata Mogal Pawar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sujata Mogal Pawar had earlier participated in a movie cycle but could not give it her all; despite this, she excelled everyone in her most recent film, "Irsal," and she is too happy for her previous work in several Marathi plays and serials.



Lalit Prabhakar is an Indian actor who predominantly performs in the Marathi entertainment sector for cinema, television, and stage productions. Although he may be most known for playing the lead in the well-liked Marathi TV series, he has since made a strong impression on the public and is now considered to be a rising star.


7. Yatin Karyekar Yatin Karyekar is a well-known bollywood actor who >> Read More... Yatin Karyekar

Yatin Karyekar is one of the early-career performers who have the potential to succeed but isn't yet well-known. He has played a few supporting roles in various films, but his performance in Bhaybheet reveals his true talents.


8. Apurva Nemlekar Apurva Nemlekar was born on 27 December 1988 in Mu >> Read More... Apurva Nemlekar

Apurva Nemlekar is a young performer who appeared in the film The Accidental Prime Minister. Despite the film's failure, Apurva Nemlekar didn't give up and kept working hard. In 2020, she appeared in the movie Sab Kushal Mangal Click to look into! >> Read More... Sab Kushal Mangal , which was a smash and made her famous today.


9. Tanvi Barve Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Tanvi Barve

Tanvi Barve began her acting career in the year 2021 with the online series Thipkyanchi Rangoli Thipkyanchi Rangoli is a family show where every c >> Read More... Thipkyanchi Rangoli . Later, in the year 2022, she went on to feature in the film Funral, for which she is still known today.

10. Snehal Tarde

In 2022, Snehal Tarde produced two independent films, Sarsenapati Hambirrao and Dharmaveer, both of which were box office successes. She is now the subject of several more web series offers. As a result, she may be regarded as a rising star in the Marathi film industry.