10 Best Marathi Movies Of 2021 Marathi Article

One of the leading industries in India, the Marathi industry presents to its audience a vast range of Marathi films. Be it any genre - comedy, horror, romance, drama - the industry has proved quite a strong competitor for the other sectors.  We all look for movie recommendations when we have no clue what to watch. So, to make it less time-consuming and easier for you, the best Marathi movies of the year 2021 are listed below! They are entertaining and belong to various favorite genres people love to watch.

1. Jhimma

Released on 19 November 2021, the plot of Jhimma revolves around a group of seven women, each belonging to a different background, who, along with Kabir, a tour organizer, decide to go on a trip to the United Kingdom. And there has got to be some trouble in paradise as varied backgrounds and cultures are involved! The 2 hrs 10 mins movie is packed with entertainment and has no fighting or vulgarity, making it a family-friendly, fun watch.


2. June

June is a 1 hr 33 mins long film that hit the theatres on 30 June 2021. The movie is about Neel, an engineering student, and a woman named Neha, who cross paths in Aurangabad. One chance meeting leads to another, and they begin to feel a strong connection. June is all about the process of healing, and the film depicts how recovery gets easier when surrounded by people, known or unknown, who love, support, and understand you without trying to judge you.

3. Darling

Released on 10 December 2021, Darling is a 2 hrs 20 mins long movie about love. Babli and Tushar are in love with each other. However, there is trouble in paradise. Rajabhau is also in love with Babli and tries desperately to win her heart, whereas Babli’s parents choose a man for her to marry who eventually makes his way into her heart. With three men at her door, who will Babli end up marrying?


4. Pandu

Released on 3 December 2021, Pandu tells the story of the lives of Pandu and Mhadu, who get accepted as Hawaldars due to the politician Babasaheb Pathare’s generosity. The movie is a good source of comedy and entertainment and has a marvellous climax!


5. Ajinkya

Released on 19 November 2021, Ajinkya follows the romantic and dramatic story of Ajinkya, an entrepreneur who does not think twice before playing dirty if it means he will get what he wants. But soon, an incident takes place that makes me question his immoral practices, but just questioning is not enough. One needs to act to bring about change.


6. Jayanti

Jayanti hit the theatres on 12 November 2021 and revolves around Santosh, who does all the dirty work of the local politician. A woman in his life named Pallavi helps bring about some changes in his life.


7. Befaam

Released on 26 February 2021, Befaam tells the story of Siddharth, a 12th-pass student who faces the problem of choosing a career. The movie emphasises the struggles of 10th and 12th-pass students who often tend to follow the career paths their parents tell them by keeping their interests aside.


8. Preetam

Released on 19 February 2021, Preetam narrates the story of Preetam, a dark-skinned boy who falls in love with Suvarna, a fair girl. Preetam is made fun of and maltreated because of his skin tone, and his love story comes with a twist that makes the plot very interesting.


9. Kaanbhatt

Released on 19 February 2021, Kaanbhatt is a 1 hr 55 mins long story of suspense, drama, and a paranormal twist. Prabhat is a boy who shows no interest in learning the Vedas, but an incident takes place soon after that changes his views.

10. Oh My Ghost Oh My Ghost is a romantic comedy thriller series f >> Read More... Oh My Ghost

A fantastic movie, Oh My Ghost, was released on 12 February 2021 and is 2 hrs 9 mins long. It is the story of Jaggu, an orphan who is tired of his life and thinks of putting an end to it. However, as the title suggests, he has a chance encounter with ghosts, and these ghosts help change his view on life.