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Other names of Salman Saqib: Mani
Urdu Tv Actor Salman Saqib
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Pakistani actor, producer, and TV host Salman Saqib was born on 22nd March 1977 in Karachi, Pakistan. Before stepping into the limelight, Salman or Mani was an athlete. He played as the captain of the hockey team at his college. However, he decided the profession was not for him, so he gave up on the sport. With his father and elder sister both active in show business, it was natural for Salman Saqib to enter the same line of work. Salman began by writing scripts for a show called “Boom Boom Bastic.” When an opportunity came for him in 2001 to interview the public on the streets for the road show “Streets,” Mani gladly accepted it, leading to the beginning of his career. The show was very well-received by its audience as it was one of the first of its kind on Pakistani television, and Mani went on to host two similar shows called “Road Romeo” and “Sarrak Chhap.”

Salman Saqib started his show in 2006 called “Mani-Ism,” based on the art of satirizing the current political and social happenings in the country. In the same year, he also hosted one of the first talk shows called “Casual” for Hum TV. In the following years, Mani hosted several other shows of different concepts, such as sports, brunch, corporate, etc. Mani officially debuted as an actor through the 2001 sitcom “Sub Set Hai.” He is also known for his role in “ Meri Teri Kahani Meri Teri Kahani is a 2013 Pakistani Urdu-language >> Read More... ” (2013), “ Firaaq Click to look into! >> Read More... ” (2014), “ Bandish Bandish (Translated as Restriction) is a Pakistani >> Read More... ,” “The Donkey King” (2019), and “ Chupke Chupke With serials like Kuldeepak which has been recentl >> Read More... ” (2021), to name a few. Besides this, he has also produced two shows titled “ Zerooos The Hum TV program "Zeroos" is a well-liked comedy >> Read More... ” in 2010 and “ Khala Surayya Story coming soon >> Read More... ” in 2012. With over two decades of experience, Salman Saqib has made his mark in Pakistani showbiz. He married Hira Salman, a fellow actress, in 2008, and they have two sons.  


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