Umer Naru Urdu Actor

Umer Naru is a brilliant theatre and drama actor who can act realistically. He is from Lahore and has worked on a variety of projects for various channels. His most well-known production is Mor Mahal, in which he performed admirably. Umer Naru made his debut in 2011-2012; he is a true jewel in the industry. Umer's exceptional acting abilities stem from his love of the theatre. He considers theatre to be an actor's medium. He's appeared in several local and international productions, including The Taming of the Shrew at the Globe Theatre in England. He says he gained a lot of confidence in his ability to pursue acting professionally.

Mehtab in Pyaare Afzal is one of his most well-known roles. As an actor, he seems to live by the motto, "Never say die." He's tenacious, hardworking, and constantly strives to do and be better. Umer is an avid reader. He said that some of his favorite books include classics like Dune, The Idiot, and Sidharta. 

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