Anita Das Odia Actress

Anita Das was born on October 1, 1953, and is a veteran Indian actress best recognized for her work in the Odia film industry. Anita Das was an Indian film and television actress who made her debut in the Odia film Jajabar in 1975, in which she played the lead role. Since then, she has acted in over a hundred films, mostly in supporting roles as a mother. After the 1980s, she became well-known for portraying a mother in most of her films. Das won the Odisha State Film Award (Best Actress) for her portrayal of the character Tapasya in 1980, and she won the award again in 1983 for her starring part in Bhakta Salabeg. Her performance in the film Eai Ta Dunia fetched her Odisha State Film Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1987.

‘Tapasya’, ‘Ki Heba Sua Poshile’, ‘Bahudibe Mo Jaga Balia’, ‘Maa Mamata’, ‘Ram Balaram’, ‘Krushna Sudama’ ‘Nagaphasa, ‘Pua Mora Kala Thakuara’, ‘ Shapath Shapath is a crime investigation serial that was b >> Read More... Shapath ’ and ‘Swapan Sagara’, ‘ Abhay Abhay is a Hindi web series that premiered on ZEE5 >> Read More... Abhay ’ and ‘Sitaramanka Bahaghara Kalijugare’ are some of her best films. Das was reportedly whining to her nephew Akash Dasnayak about her health conditions on May 10, 2018. On Thursday night, before going to bed, she was suffering from vomiting and heart and chest pains. Das was discovered dead the next day when Dasnayak went to call a doctor for advice. The unexpected death of Anita Das cast a pall over the film business, and a significant number of film and television personalities, as well as people from all walks of life, paid their final respects to the departed soul. "She will be remembered for her immense contribution to the Odia film and television industry," the Chief Minister stated in a condolence message to the bereaved family members.