The Indian actress Krutika Tulaskar is among the best and most brilliant actresses in the business. She works in both cinema and television. She is well-known for her roles in the films Baban (2018), Vijeta (2000), and Pashbandh (2015). Role of Shevanta will be played by actress krutika tulaskar in ratris khel chale 3 in 2021. She won over her admirers with her cinematic performances. She has been acting in plays and movies for the last 18 years that she has worked in theatres. She also appearedsh in the films Ulat sulat, Girlz, and Cha Shinema. A turning moment in her life marked by one drama is named Lagnbambal by Ekdant Creation. She excels at kathak dancing. She is a licensed psychotherapist who transitioned into acting to pursue her love.