The actor Prashant Ingale was born in Karanjavane village in Shirur taluka, close to Pune, into a family of subsistence farmers. Due to losing his parents at a young age he was care by his maternal uncle. After graduating from high school in standard 11, Prashant pursued farming and milk sales before turning to act. Prashant has three young children and is married to Vaishali. When filming in the village for the movie Khwada, Prashant landed apart. Prashant describes how he got the part this way.

In an interview he said, "The movie was being filmed around my village, and the actor who had been cast as Panda wasn't doing a good job. Therefore, I simply approached director Bhaurao Karhade and assured him I could handle the role with ease. I received the role after he gave me a chance. For his performance, the farmer-turned-actor received Rs. 15,000." Prashant played the older brother of the main character in the Marathi movie Khwada.