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Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar was born on 14th May 1983. He is a talented man known for his various skills as an actor, writer, and film director in the Marathi and Hindi film industries. He has around sixteen years of knowledge in the film industry. Tejas has made a place for himself and got famous for his extraordinary contributions. Tejas is the son of Vijay Govind Deoskar. He started his directorial tour with the ground-breaking film "Ajinkya" in 2012. This marked the start of a successful profession and he went on to make many box office hits over sixteen years. After the success of "Ajinkya," Tejas continued to make a permanent mark with projects like "Premsutra" (2013), which also got commercial success and support from viewers. In 2016, Tejas co-founded Blue Mustang Creations sideways with like-minded people, such as Ashok Subhedar.

This production company permitted him to explore his artistic ventures and bring beautiful stories to the big screen. Tejas' artistic ride began with the short film "Kalakaar," which was released in early 2006. It gained honors at numerous film festivals from around the world. He continued to work on many projects such as "Bachhon ka Khel" and "Sunehari Raakh." In 2009, Tejas got his first breakthrough as a writer with the film "Pratisaad" and his directorial debut was with "Ajinkya" in 2012. Tejas rapidly gathered fame as a top Marathi director with a series of hits including "Kalakaar," "Sunehari Raakh," "Ajinkya," "Premsutra," and "Bucket List." The commercial success of "Bucket List" in 2018 took him even higher. This film was written by Tejas along with Devashree Shivadekar and starred the fabulous Madhuri Dixit and included a role appearance by Ranbir Kapoor. "

Bucket List" became one of the most successful films of 2018, getting critical approval and making an influence in both the Marathi and Hindi film industries. In the same year, Tejas released his next film, "Baba," under the banner of Blue Mustang, with Sanjay Dutt as a co-producer. "Baba" gained a lot of praise upon its release on 2nd August 2019, and it also earned seventeen awards in many national and international film festivals. It even contended at the respected Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. Tejas showcases his versatility as a writer, director, and associate producer in many projects. "Baba" received the Filmfare Marathi Awards in three categories: Best Film Critics Award, Best Story, and Best Actor for Deepak Dobriyal. Besides cinema, Tejas is a deep sports enthusiast. He is good at speed skating and artistic skating.

He has represented his state at the national level and won numerous medals, including silver and bronze. He also showcased his skills as a basketball player, partaking in state-level competitions representing Shivaji Nagar Gymkhana. Tejas tied the knot with Juilee Hoshingon on 19th January 2012. Jubilee is a landscape architect and runs her business called Green Impressions business adding an artistic dimension to their lives. Tejas Deoskar's filmography is evidence of his accomplishments in the industry. He has contributed vastly to the movie industry as a writer, director, and actor, leaving a permanent mark on the viewer’s hearts.


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