Muhammad Rashid Mehmood Kashmiri (Rashid Mehmood) is a senior and veteran actor in Pakistan TV channel. This senior most actor is renowned for his work in the historical drama ‘Saheen’ on Pakistan TV network. He was earlier associated with film industry too. In 1990, he acted in a supporting role in movies like ‘Sher Dil’ which had actors like Sultan Rahi, Gori, Adeeb in lead roles.

Eminent singer Noorjehan had done playback singing in the film too. In 1991, he featured again in a character actor role in a movie ‘Kalay Chor’ which had actors like Javed Sheikh Javed Sheikh is one of Pakistan’s actor, producer, >> Read More... Javed Sheikh and Ghulam Mohiuddin playing lead characters. His performances in movies were very short-lived as he made a migration to TV series in Pakistan.

Later on, he had acted in a few more movies such as ‘Gandasa’ that again released in 1991. Soon, he found many TV offers in his hand and he made his TV debut in 1998 in an action crime drama serial ‘Laag’ that was run in PTV channel for two years consecutively (1998-2000). The plot of the serial revolved around the issues of Kashmir and was shot in Pakistan (administered part of Kashmir).

The serial was written, produced and directed by Rauf Khalid. In 2012, the actor played another significant role in a TV serial ‘ Kahi Unkahi Kahi Unkahi is a Pakistani serial and belongs to D >> Read More... Kahi Unkahi ’ which was aired on Hum TV from November 2012 to April 2013. The series was even broadcast in India. Zee TV (Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited) especially took a chance to rename the serial as ‘ Zindagi Click to look into! >> Read More... Zindagi ’ and even had telecast the serial to various other Muslim countries such as Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, and Kuwait.

He is also notable for his works in TV series like Lakhon Main Ek aired on TV One network, Dil De Ke Jaya Gey aired on Geo TV network), Dilruba Nautanki ( Geo TV network), Uss Par (ATV network) and Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin (Hum TV network) etc.. All these dramas in Pakistani network channel saw him in different roles and contrasting characters. The actor did justice to each role that he played in the series and won people and critics appreciation. The actor suffered a heart attack recently and had been advised to take rest.