Akhil Ghai Hindi Actor

Akhil Ghai is a familiar face to all those serial lovers. He has done a numerous number of soap operas over a short span of time. He is notable for his works in “WohRehneWaahliMehlon Ki”, “ Mere Apne Mere Apne is a Hindi language family drama premier >> Read More... Mere Apne ”, “Kucchh Pal Sath Thumhara”, “ Kohi Apna Sa Kohi Apna Sa was broadcasted on Zee TV. Ekta Kapoo >> Read More... Kohi Apna Sa ”,””. All of these serials have been aired on prominent channels such as Sahara One, Zee TV, Channel 9X, etc. all of the plots for the various shows are different from one other, showing the versatility of the actor.

Whatever role or position he is put into, actor AkhilGhai can face them and do what is expected of him with ease, and with years of practice and acting experience. “Kucchh Pal SathThumhara”, is a daily soap opera that was aired on Sahara One channel in the year 2003. The story revolves around the story of a girl who is torn between traditions and customs and forbidden love. It represents the hardships in our day to day lives. “Woh Rehne Waahli Mehlon Ki” is a series that was aired in Sahara One channel ion the year 2005 and had over one thousand episodes.

Setting apart from the typical serials, “WohRehneWaahliMehlon Ki” fully dealt with simple and realistic ideas. Akhil Plays the role of ‘Virat’ in this serial.“Mere Apne” is a remarkably done drama series broadcasted in Channel 9X, showing a twisting dramatic life of the Pandey family. Akhil plays the role of a negative character in this series, a wicked man who tries to turn things upside down for his achievements.

Even while doing a negative character, which was out of his comfort zone, he was able to execute it exceptionally well. Whether doing a supporting role or a negative role, AkhilGhail has never been unable to surprise his audience. This talented actor goes on to do as many characters and serials that he can, to quench his thirst for acting.