Aakarshan Singh is a well known personality today. A 22 year old guy born on 13th April, 1993 with a star sign Aries from the city Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh got much fame in the TV industry today. He was brought up in Chandigarh and spent some years in Delhi but now residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He studied from St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh, India and started his TV career as a superhero in a daily soap MAHARAKSHAK ARYAN. He is playing a lead role in this series. This serial broadcasts at one of the famous TV channels of this industry ZEE TV. Aakarshan plays this character as the name Aryan in this serial which is very well suits him according to his personality. This show is very popular among the audience, which gave a boost to Aakarshan’s career. With this success many other channels are offering him the same kind of roles.

He struggled before coming to Mumbai. His dad is in the Air Force, so for the last couple of years they had traveled all around India, they stayed in Delhi for some years where he did his acting course. After some acting practice from Delhi, in January this year he moved to Mumbai to try his luck. He has been training in martial arts also in Mumbai and after the auditions for this show he got a chance to play this role. Acting interested this boy more than any other field, but Aakarshan’s father and mother want him to get into IIT. But he had different views that a person should only do what his heart desires. He ended up soon expressing his desires to his parents.

The young Aakarshan admits that selection to this show as a lead character came to him as a surprise. His plan was to do some work in Mumbai and then came back to hometown, but luck took him to play a role like Aryan. He does feel a bit of pressure regarding this lead role, but Aakarshan took it as a challenge and no matter what happens, he has to give his best shots now in this show.