Sanchita Padukone is a Sandalwood actor from Karnataka; beautiful and talented much like her namesake Deepika Padukone. Known mostly for her Tamil movies, this 27-year-old actress made her debut in 2009 through 'Ravana,' a Kannada film directed by Yogish Hunasur. In the movie, Sanchita appears as young Divya who is caught in a love triangle. 'Ravana' is the remake of the Tamil movie ‘Kaadhal Kondein’. Although the movie did not, considerably, gain many raves from the critics; Sanchita’s work was highly appreciated. This is remarkable, especially since ‘Ravana’ is her debut movie.

To Kollywood, however, Sanchita is more familiar as Uma from ‘Vettaikaaran’ and ‘ Sandhya’ from ‘Pillaiyar Theru Kadaisi Veedu’. In ‘Vettaikaaran’, Sanchita plays a fleeting role opposite Vijay. Nevertheless her character, who faces a threat of sexual abuse, is an embodiment of the violence faced by women; the essence of which appears throughout the movie. In ‘Pillaiyar Theru Kadaisi Veedu’ Sanchita plays the lead- an emotional one, in fact- of a dying cancer patient. Her other notable works include ‘ Chammak Challo’, a Telugu romantic drama where Sanchita is in the lead as ‘Anshu’. Anshu’s complex relationship with is beautifully portrayed by Sanchita.

Chammak Challo is directed by Nellakantha- a National Award winning director- of whom, apparently, Sanchita is a huge fan. Although her mother tongue is Kannada, this versatile actor had no trouble adjusting to Telugu. In fact, she maintains that script, not language, is the important element in acting. This was her debut in Telugu. Sanchita Padukone hails from Kundapura; a village in Karnataka. One cannot help but wonder the roots of her surname ‘Padukone.’ However, Sanchita has officially denied any relation to the Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, although the duo belongs to the same village. Besides watching movies, listening to music and reading in her spare time, Sanchita also loves doing yoga.

Sanaya Pithawalla Hindi Actress

Sanaya Pithawalla

Sanaya Pithawalla, a sparkling diva, a phenomenal dancer, a bubbly model and a dawning actress, that compelled hearts to freeze by her oracular efforts and passion for flourishing her open sky of a dream. This vivacious youth with a lump of zillion fascinations added to the list of Indians as an infant on 3 August 1993. As a constituent of dream city Mumbai, Sanaya had Mr. Marazban Pithwalla and Mrs. Usha Nair Pithwalla as her beloved parents. People call her Sanaya as her nickname. Crossing the cycle of babyhood to an adult Sanaya lived her life to its fullness. Completing her academics in Mumbai, her interest amused towards modeling projects. Being a pleasant dancer she chooses to model as her profession. Blazing model 5 feet 8 inch or168cm tall balancing her fitness with the weight of about 50kgs, an admiring charm, with her parents support established herself in the glamor world. Sanaya, a beau ideal owned the caption of Miss Bunt world 2010. In 2014, she was engaged in Miss Queen of India contest and was the first runner-up of the title. Being the winner of multiple beauty contests she was finally opportune to give her debut in TV serial “Warrior High”, aired on channel MTV, where she played the character of Siyali. She was also cast in Gumrah season 4, Emotional Atyachar, all V channel’s telecast. She also acted in TV series Ye Pyar Tune Kya Kia season 7. There flaw a crispy news set on fire, Sanaya Pithawalla going to address female lead role in Yash Patnik’s recent fantasy saga Nagarjuna on Life OK. Later on, consequences turned the face of our female lead now played by famous starlet Pooja Banerjee. Shifting towards some interesting gossips, media has revealed the relationship status of Anshuman Malhotra and Sanaya Pithawala. The couple paired opposite each other in Warrior High, reported as lovebirds, played Utkarsh and Siyali in the mentioned show portraying friendship and selfless love. In real life too they are known as inseparable beings, made for each other, profoundly seen together and are well known to their families as well. Besides her relation with Anshuman, there fired news of clean-cut man Karan Kundra dating Sanaya. This brown eyed majestic persona, prefers comforts over challenges, pertains special affection towards chocolates, possess hobby of singing, and loves to dance. Admiring her dream actor to be Shahid Kapoor and developing favoritism towards Anshuman Malhotra as a television actor. Such an innocent girl was once asked about her favorite mobile app, its Whatsapp. She shared her experience with co-stars, Anshuman Malhotra to be the best. Television celebrity ranking shows the current position of our actress to be 975.


Sandhya Roy

Sandhya Roy was born in the Nabadip district in West Bengal, and she has acted in nearly fifty films, all of them in the Bengali language. She has been a popular figure in the Bengali film industries since 1960’s, but apart from her film career, she is a prominent figure in the political spheres as well, after being nominated as a member of the Parliament from the Medinipur constituency, representing All India Trinamul Congress. Regarding her movie career, she was never particular about the roles she got as she had a deep passion for acting, regardless of the magnitude of the role that she had to play. This versatile nature of her was what perhaps made her one of the most popular Bengali Artist in history. In her first movie named ‘Dadar Kirti’, which was released in the year 1960, she plays the role of a sister-in-law. In the following years, she plays many films with such similar roles and gradually gains the position of a lead actress due to her straight-from-the-heart acting performance and for her versatility in handling a wide range of emotions. She has always been lucky enough to have performed with legends in the film industry such as Tarun Majumdar and Satyajit Ray. In Satyajit Ray’s ‘Ashani Sanket’ meaning distant thunder(which was noticed for being shot in colour rather than Ray’s black and white style), Sandhya played as one of the lead characters and the film itself as selected by the New York Times to be one of the 1000 best films ever made in the world. Sandhya Roy has won several awards such as the Life Time Achievement award from the West Bengal government, The Bharatnirman Award, "Banga Bibhushan" award for her contribution to Indian Cinema and she is also a three-time winner of the BFJA award.

Sandhya Roy Hindi Actress