Marina Khan is a well-known television actress from Pakistan. The actress is also known as ‘Pink Panther’ for her role in the hit television series, ‘ Tanhaiyan Tanhaiyan is a romantic television series that air >> Read More... Tanhaiyan ’ in the year 1985. Marina was born on 26th December in the year of 1962 in the city of Peshawar in Pakistan. She was born to an inter-culture family in which her mother was English and a Pakistani father. Her father was an army personnel and did his service in Pakistan Air Force. Due to her father’s job, Marina and her family had to move to different places in almost every two years.

She said in an interview that she did not have many permanent and best friends in her childhood unlike any average child would have had. She had a close relationship with her brother whose name was Zarak, who studied in a boarding school so that the constant shifting wouldn’t affect his studies. Marina was active in her school days and had done several plays.

She entered the field of television through a coincidence that took place when she had visited her friend who played in the then serial ‘Jungle’ and met with director Shehzad Khalil.

He had managed to talk Marina into starring in his newest venture. Marina made her debut appearance in Shehzad Khalil’s ‘Rashid Minha’ a drama series in the popular television channel PTV. In 1985, she found her ticket to fame and recognition through Shehzad Khalil’s next television series named ‘Tanhaiyan’. As an actress she managed to appear in many Pakistani television dramas such as ‘Dhoop Kinare’ in the year 1988, Faraar in 1996, Parosi in 1992, etc. Marina later turned to directing and made many television serials such as ‘’ and Umeed-e-Sehr. She, later on, went to establish her production house,

Fat Cat Productions with her husband, Jalil Akhtar. Marina married Jalil Akhtar whom she had met at the sets of Dhoop Kinare. She is one of the finest actors in the history of Pakistani television and has worked for over 25 long years in the industry. She was also a well-known host of famous television shows and also hosted her cookery show.