He was a Pakistani movie actor cum producer. He was a scriptwriter as well. He was famous for his unbelievable expressions that he had on his pleasant face and also his special acting. He had a charming personality too. He was one among the most dominant actors that were present in the South Asia. He is famous as ‘Chocolate Hero.’ He took birth on 2nd of October in the year 1938 in Karachi located in the Sindh region of Pakistan. He had completed his education S.M Arts college situated in Karachi and had also completed his further studies in English Literature at the University of Karachi. He was the one and only child of Nisar Murad, a film distributor, and Shireen Murad. His grandfather was Zahoor Ellahi Murad, who was a lawyer in Sialkot. He had done his education from Lawrence College till second class and then passed his secondary school from Marie Colaco school situated in Karachi. Pervez Malik was his best friend since his childhood.

Both of them wanted to do their masters abroad, but as he was the only child of his parents, he wasn’t allowed to go abroad for further studies whereas his best friend had completed his further studies in California. Waheed got attracted to Salma, the daughter of an industrialist in the Karachi when they were in their ninth class. They were married to each other on 17th of September in the year 1964. Their wedding function was arranged at his father’s house situated in Karachi. He used to call his wife as ‘Bibi’ and the beautiful couple got blessed with two daughters named Alia and Sadia. Sadia died when she was an infant. The couple also had a son named Adil. He had started his career in the film industry by playing some brief roles in the year 1959, and his first film was ‘Saathi’. He was 21 years old and at this time he started acting in this movie. He became famous because of the different gestures that he made on his face and also due to the lure in the songs. He produced a film named as ‘Armaan’ which made a crucial change in the film industry of Pakistan, and he became the Super Star Click to look into! >> Read More... Super Star in that very night. He is considered to be a moving cheque and was the only person in the Film Industry to get the maximum number of Silver, diamond and golden jubilees.

He could be converted to money at any point in the entire country because of that. He dazzled the entire Pakistan during the 1960’s and 1970’s and so is considered as the ‘chocolate hero’ of their Silver screen. He had made his debut into the film industry through ‘Film art’ that was established by his father in the year 1961. He was the producer of the movie named ‘Insaan badalta hai’. He continued as a producer in the other movies too, but when his hero started coming late to the sets then Zaba, the heroin of his movies suggested him to himself be the lead star that is the hero. In the year 1966, he had acted in the film directed by his friend which broke the records of the film industry at that time. It was ‘Armaan’ and he had received two awards, one was the best producer, and the other was for best actor. In 1969, he had written the script, directed that story and then produced the movie on his own, and its name was ‘Ishaara.’

He had returned home late after his son’s birthday to Mumtaz Ayub’s home who was the mother of Anita Ayub Anita Ayub is a Pakistani model and actress. She h >> Read More... Anita Ayub . When he did not wake up for a long time in the morning, the door of his room was forcefully opened and then were was found lying on the floor. A pan leaf was found in his mouth that contained something, and so his death is unsure to be a suicide or a heart attack. He had been buried in Lahore adjacent his father’s grave. Such a great personality left all of us on 23rd of November in the year 1983 at the age of 45.