Gopichand Lagadapati

Other names of Gopichand Lagadapati: Gopi
Gopichand Lagadapati is a film actor, writer, director & producer, who work in south Indian movies & serials. Mostly known as abbreviated name Gopi, He was born on 16 Jul, 1981 in Hyderabad, India. He had his schooling from Nandigama & after that graduated in Hyderabad itself in Hotel Management.
He started his career as an actor with a television series Priyanestam. Later he appeared in the movie named Anand in 2004. He made Bhopal: A prayer for Rain which garnered him international acclaim. He was first keen to do acting, but when he was doing production he started taking interest in direction also. He has assisted Apoorva Lakhia A well-known film director and writer, Apoorva Lak >> Read More... Apoorva Lakhia also in his film Zanjeer. He played one role in an Indian American film On the otherside; Indian Beauty.

He produced his first feature film Mr. Medhavi in 2008. He also wrote “Blessing in disguise” for Bhakti TV. He is now working on some of the international commercial programme. He is a kind of philosophical in nature & loves silence as he has quoted, “Each day, each noise I gather explodes, leaving me to death; to rest in the solace of silence & to be reborn” & “ A person truly evolves from his own silence and one such can keep the people around him in the awe of silence”.