Birthday: 17-02-1985
Age: 34
Star sign: Pisces

Gideon Samson born on the 17th of February,1985, is a Dutch author who has given many works only for the children. His surname Samson is a pseudonym. According to him, he chose this pseudonym for the future translations of his books. The writers name is unpronounceable for non-native speakers. There are now translations that appear in German and Danish.Samson was educated in film and television studies. He debuted as a writer in say nothing, in the year 2007. Before that, he had dreamt of a career as a professional footballer. The writer’s mother was one of the two writers who used to publish their works under the name Ebbing& Van Clef. This eminent writer, who has immense love for children and youth, has published many works that have been appreciated by kids and people worldwide.

Some of his works are Black Swan, Sick, Do not Tell, Engulfed and many more. These books have won many laurels such as The Silver Granger twice for Sick (2010) and Black Swan (2013). In 2010, the writer was 25 years old when he had won the Silver Granger for Sick, making him the youngest in the category to win one. With Black Swan, the writer did away with the romantic cliché of the innocent child. The abysmal end of the book inspires one to think of guilt and innocence on victimization. The Black Swan serves as a psychosomatic thriller for the young.The Black Swan is exceptionally honored with the Silver Granger and also an honorable mention in the Golden List. The Flag and Pennant, the children's literature for do not tell!

In 2008, the Black Swan and the Flooded were mentioned in theGold List, the best children's book for the 12 to 15-year-olds, the book Engulfed is nominated for the Dioraphte Literature Price, the award for the best youth book. Some International rewards such as the IBBY Honor List (International Board on Books for Young People) for ‘With the head above water’and the White Ravens, which is an annual list of 250 books chosen from the global supply of more than 10,000 titles, for the book the Black Swan.

George Mangalath Thomas Hindi Actor

George Mangalath Thomas

George Mangalath Thomas(born 20th November 1966) is an Indian advertisement director, who specializes in the business, for nearly two decades. Born to Loolu Susan Thomas, he belongsCoonoor.George tied the knot on 29th December 1988 and is father to Pranav (son) and Ayesha (daughter). He spent his childhood in the western city of Bombay and started his schooling at Bombay Scottish School in the year 1966. At BSS, George studied from kindergarten to Class 7. Later, Thomas took admission at ICSE- based Stanes High School where he passed his matriculation (10th) examinations. After Class 10thboard exams, he returned to BSS for remaining two years of his high school. Further, George did his graduation from Wilson College with a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry. However, George wished to pursue a career in advertising. In 1984, George took up a job in XIC Company, which was a reputable firm in such fields. After working there for a year, George struggled a lot in a bid to achieve his dreams. In 1990, George joined Crossfire Films as a director. Since then, he has been associated with the agency for twenty-seven years. George has directed several commercials and short films in his career. Brands such as Gits, Ultratech, TRS, Laxmi Foods, Samsol and NATCO have collaborated with his teams for their advertisements. In fact, Bollywood actress Vidya Balan featured in some of the Gits ads. Those who do not know about Gits, it is a company that sells “ready-to-eat” food products. George has also filmed a video for UltraTech Cement. In its clip, the institution tries to showcase its efforts for improving living conditions in the rural areas. Villagers appeared in the short film where they discussed the initiatives which the firm continues to implement for their welfare. Thomas has been a part of advertising teams of foreign companies too. George’s clients have appreciated him for his style of working. They consider George as a serious professional, who is open to any ideas that the other person might have. Recently, George shot a video with Birla Institute of Technology and Science alumni in which the students celebrated their association with the college. George was among the 160 artists who wrote a letter to the government to allow the screening of three documentaries at a function in Kerala. Apparently, those movies allegedly criticized the government and the censor board banned them on such grounds. He is very active on social media and regularly posts motivational quotes on his Facebook timeline.


Gunjan Vyas

Gunjan Vyas is an Indian Actor. He predominantly is a part of the Hindi Film Industry in India. Gunjan was born in 1987 in the Indian state of Gujarat. He is a native of Krishananagar, which is situated in Naroda, Gujarat. However, due to work commitments, he has to live in the Bollywood city of India, Mumbai. He considers himself as a typical Ahmedabad native and dreams to share their culture in the Hindi Cinema. In the year 2008, he started studying Information Technology in the Gandhinagar Institute of Technology of Gujarat University, to pursue his Bachelor’s in Technology. He became a professional engineer after his graduation in 2011. He decided to drop engineering as a career choice, to follow up with his passion of becoming an actor. As a student, Gunjan was an active part of his school’s Drama Society and had won multiple accreditations for his numerous performances and gigs as an actor. However, he took the conventional career option and decided to pursue his higher studies in a field, which will give him a stable and secure job. In college, he continued with his acting performances via small-scale stage shows and by the end of his graduation, he decided to give a try at the Bollywood. Gunjan Vyas has confessed that he is not a trained actor neither has he done any conventional theatre to gain any fundamental experience before venturing into the big screen. He, however, admits that his work in college and school helped him grab the basics. In the year 2010-2011, he worked as a member of the production team in Kushal Mangal Entertainment. During his college life, while he was studying engineering, he landed roles in two films simultaneously. He attributes these offers to luck as they came out of nowhere for him. “Aakhri Baar Mei Who Hasan” and “Roshni – A Ray of Hope”, were his first two professional gigs as an actor. The latter was inspired by the real-life story of Delhi-based Nirbhaya case and garnered a lot of attention giving Gunjan a good start. He shot to fame with his Bollywood venture called “Amdavad Junction” in which he plays the role of Gunjan Hoda, a CBI officer. He has also done an English short film called “Therapy”. In television circuit, he has hosted a live show. Gunjan has a good experience in Comedy, Drama, Community and Live events. He hopes to bag roles in commercials, music videos, and professional films. He also wants to try his hand in singing and mimicry. In his personal life, Gunjan admits of being a confident and self-motivated person with immense belief in himself and his talent. He also believes that it is very important to deliver your best and seize each opportunity in life, and hence, he lives by this quote.

Gunjan Vyas Hindi Actor