Elton Fernandez Hindi Actor

Born on 15th October 1981, Elton Fernandez is a Telangana-based freelance professional makeup and hair artist, who is recognized as Maybelline New York's brand ambassador in India. He has established his name in the fashion and glam industry, with his outstanding talent in the makeup and hair business.

He is the first makeup professional in India to set up his beauty channel. He is one of the only artists who is known to reinvent the concept of beauty by equally paying tributes to people with dark skin tones, to wash away the dark skin color biases in the society. According to him, embracing yourself for who you are, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem, and self-awareness are the initial steps towards achieving what is called as 'beautiful.'

He is a person with great social awareness, acceptance, and respect. He was a part of the first Pune pride parade held for the LGBT community in India. In the year 2013, along with a hairstylist and a makeup artist, he became a designer as well with his label ‘The Elton Fernadez Collection.’ In 2016, he became the winner of Vogue Beauty Awards for the category ‘Best in the Beauty Industry Award.’