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Atit Kumar Pandey

Atit Kumar Pandey is an Indian artist well-known for his brilliant voice. He is also known for his performance in Voice India Contest. He is the runner-up of the singing show. He was born in Lucknow, India. He grew up with his parents and two brothers in Allahabad. Atit Kumar Pandey was the youngest among the three brothers and got a lot of attention from everyone. His father was a government official, while his mother was a professional singer and gave music lessons to kids. He learned music from his mother. She used to teach him music every day. He also developed a keen interest towards classical dance, which he learns from his mother till the age of 6. When he grew up, his father noted his tallest and made him take the vocal and Kathak lessons. He is a grand-disciple of Pandit Birju Maharaj Ji. He learned Kathak from Pt. J.K. Maharaj, Pt. Gangadayal Pandey, and Pandit Shivji Mishra. He completed his studies at his hometown. He was more into music since his childhood, but also scored good marks in his studies as well. He was in the music club of hi school. His music teacher really appreciated him or his talents. He was the lead singer of his school’s classical group. Atit Kumar Pandey has taken part in many contests held at the school level and have won them too. He was well-known in his locality as well. He used to take part in competitions held at locality as well as in state level too. He also trained from professional Kathak dancer. He has taken part in various dance competitions and has won many of them. He used to love dancing a lot and never missed any competition either. He was very famous at his school as well as his locality. At the age of 17, he received a degree in Vocal and Kathak from Allahabad University. He was the youngest of all to receive this degree. He participated in The Voice India competition aired on And TV. He gained a lot of fan base from this show. He sang many songs and sang them with such a beauty that after getting knocked out at Blind Round, the audience demanded him to come back at the show. He has sung various songs for the Kathak performances as well. Some of the songs are Shades of Love, Melange, and much more. He is currently completing his doctorate in Music.

Atit Kumar Pandey Hindi Actor