Raj Shah is an actor in the Indian cinemas. He has played the role of young Dushasan in the Mahabharata, which is telecasted in the Star Plus entertainment channel. Raj became the actor at a very early age. He has a dream to become a renowned actor in the Industry.Raj was born in Gujarat and grew up in Mumbai, where he decided to be a part of cinemas. Raj used to participate in cultural shows in his school. During his school days, he got an opportunity to play roles in the theatres.

Raj acted in a few of the shows, which attracted the makers of Mahabharata,and they cast them as young Dushasan. His acting made the makers as well as the audience speechless. The way he acted looked like real Dushasan appeared on the screen. Raj is planning to continue his studies, and after he wants to join in Academy of Acting so that he can enhance his acting skills.