Kangkan Rajkhowa Assamese Actor

Kangan Rajkhowa is an Editor and additionally worked as Director. Kangkan Rajkhowa has primarily worked in Assamese movies and has worked in dialects like Assamese. As a film/video editorial manager, he managed material like camera film, discourse, audio cues, illustrations, and enhancements to create the last movie or video item.

It is a vital job in the after-creation process, and your abilities can decide the quality and conveyance of the completed outcome. He has directed and written 'Dur' featuring Udayan Duarah Udayan Duarah was born on December 26, 1985. known >> Read More... Udayan Duarah , Amrita Gogoi Amrita Gogoi is a beautiful and successful Indian >> Read More... Amrita Gogoi , Achinta Shankar, and Biju Phukhan. The story revolves around Manab, an artist who is fighting for his life at a medical clinic.

His first love, Puja, is with him. Being his help, recollections returns blazing to her, or would they say they are acknowledging something inauspicious that had occurred previously? This film harps on the way that life, as it is probably, won't allow us a subsequent opportunity - another opportunity to apologize or address their mix-ups. He has additionally coordinated 'Shinyor' featuring Bhagirathi, Gyanendra Pallav Pranami Bora, Tridib Lahon Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Tridib Lahon and, Priyashree Kashyap. 225